Milan, 1.3.2005


No fear for the cats

Yesterday be marked the first case of a cat died in Germany as a result of the contact with a bird infected from virus the H5N1. The thing worse than pu to capitare to this point the spread of the fear for an eventual increase of the contagio to the felines and consequently to linsorgere of irrazionali and suspicious attitudes in the comparisons of the domestic cats. In fact lepisodio in issue it is explained with the contact happened between a cat randagio and I made or rests of flying I infect them. Nothing to that to see therefore with normal schools eventualit that they can regard our daily life.

It does not serve no alarmism, therefore, but a serene and responsible attitude asserts from Milan provincial lassessore to the rights of Average animals Peter is necessary to always address and however to the sanitary structures public premises and to use a healthy common sense, avoiding irrazionali behaviors and demonizing, as well as foolish how much useless in the comparisons of the cats that live in our houses, that they have possibilit to enter in contact with flown infects them practically null.

  Peter Average

Political city council member alla del territory and parks, Agenda 21, mobilit ciclabile, straight degli animals - tree-lined avenue Piceno 60 - 20129 Milan   Tel: 3351377631