ORIGIN: Ireland
Height: from 1,50 m to 1,60 m
CAPE: All the variet, but with one prevalence of the morello, the bay, the sauro and the gray.
Character: Intelligent E' much and active one, for this thought a worker much resistant one. Physicist: He has a head that introduces a convex profile. The incollatura massiccia supported from powerful shoulders. It is the body is the rump are short and sturdy. The limbs, solid and strong, are short.


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This horse of attack not still recognized like race to if being, although it exists in Ireland from many centuries and its resistance is one characteristic very famous. Currently the number of subjects remarkablly diminished because of the vehicles motorize to you, than does not render its employment necessary and that, for, they make it to appreciate as horse from mounts from the heavy knights. In the XVIII and XIX century knows its better moment, perch demonstrates an able animal sure to pull heavy wagons much, than not tired one, and not spazientisce, not even after an entire day of job.

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