ORIGIN: Ireland of the North (Connemara, Eire)
Height: From 1,50 m to 1,70 m; to devout times also high.
CAPE: Bay, sauro burnt, sauro and gray.
Character: E' much intelligent one and of good volont, what that concurs it to learn with facilit. Moreover of optimal particularly calm nature and.
Physicist: Head and incollatura are stocky, but in the entirety they turn out elegant. The log rather along and very fatto.Gli limbs is solid and the wide and strong hooves.


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The primary stock from which the Irish Draught laughed them to XVII the represented century and from groups of horses comes down that they situated on the Island of Saint Patrizio, in the region of the Connemara. As a result of various crossings between the lines of blood of the fattrici of Irish Draught and stalloni the English Purosangue, obtained the known Irish, subject Hunter that enjoys optimal reputation above all in the practical one of the suit and the jump to obstacles. Intercrossed, instead, with others breeds, from life to the typical Irish Draught, employee in the agricultural job, the attack to gigs and carrozze, but also thought horse of class in the regiments of the Irish and English Cavalry.

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