The kind Kachuga (family Emydidae) it comprises seven species various for characteristics and dimensions. Devout the common one, and practically the only one imported with one some frequency in Italy, KACHUGA TECTA, diffused in India in the region of the Gange, the Brahmaputra and the river basin of the Hindu river; in Pakistan, where also present, it seems limited to goes them of lndo and to little the others localit


  The general aspect similar to that one of Graptemys, with the carapace rather high. Not one particularly large testuggine: the length of the carapace does not exceed in fact i 22-25 cm. The dorsal shield brown with one red strip to the center the piastrone yellowish with a dark symmetrical design. On the neck they are present small longitudinal striature. FEEDING This calm essentially aquatic animal with one diet mostly vegetarian. Also in cattivit the adult exemplary they accept above all insalata, ortaggi and yields (diet that however advisable to integrate with pezzetti of lean meat, scrolls, etc). The young people appreciate instead one feeding substantially onnivora, with clean preference for the animal food of origin.


For the breeding in cattivit it is necessary a acquaterrario mediogrande with, 1/3 of submergeeed dry space and 2/3. And necessary to scaldare the water around to the 24-26 even if they turn out cases of gets passionate you that they are resolutions to accustom the species to the ambient temperature of our Country, having cure for accommodating the container in the winter months in rooms very heated. In summer senz' the other possible breeding to the open.


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  Sure news is not had on the reproduction that however it would not have to differ from that one of the swampy others testuggini sin taken here in consideration.