kinosternon subrubrum tartarughe tartaruga rettili sauri serpenti 



Common name: Turtle of the common mud

Family: Kinosternidae

Origin: America North.


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. Caratteristiche: with the devout dimensions of 7/12 cm the small supremacy is made sure existing turtle. It has carapace the brown or green olive, while piastrone the marroncino-yellow.

Habitat: a cold water turtle, than in nature, attends muddy zones, tinning waters or however to slow course, with rich muddy bottom of vegetation and limo, pu to find itself it is in sweet waters that in those salate. It loves to pass much time to earth but as soon as threatened it runs to shelter itself in water.

Life in cattivit: like all the aquatic turtles, have need, of a part emerged and very illuminated from a lamp that emanates beams GRAPE.

Temperature: C must oscillate between i 20/25. This copy much sociable one and pu to be raised with other affable various males also of species purch.

Feeding: In nature nutre of bugs, small molluschi, fish, worms, berries, scrolls, larve of mosquito but also of alghe. In cattivit for dry chip ax mangime and small pezzetti of fish.

Reproduction: life year catches up the maturit sexual around to the 5 pu placing from one to six eggs to season, the schiusa happens after approximately 4 months.


Photo and article written from Andrea and Giada

we thank the situated one TARTAPORTAL For the realization of this card.