The Aquarius

We begin with the debit some practical councils us in order not to leave with the mistaken foot.

1)    Lacquario obviously contains water. We avoid therefore to use like support base you furnish of pregio, obtained consoles in one material bookcase or other containing piece of furniture perishable. we avoid also the vicinity of sources of heat or vibrations.

2) dellacquario main Scope to observe and to study the life   of the fish; we put ourselves in condition for making arranging it easily the bathtub in such position from being able to observe it being seated.

3) the maintenance must be easy and demands a sure space of movement. Better a mobiletto purposely constructed devout that one console.

4) the direct light of the sun is avoided. Beyond heating lacqua with the infrared member, pu to provoke unabnorme increase of the alghe.

5) the sistemazione must be definitive in how much to move one containing bathtub also only one easy cinquantina of liters dacqua tuttaltro that.

After to have chosen the position. We pass to the construction of our Aquarius, without attractive doubt devout and not difficult performance dallentrata in use of the silicone. Such adhesives in fact, for their adhesive power that allows to ununione most resistant glass with glass, have eliminated the necessit to reinforce the bathtubs with unaesthetic and complicated frames of several metals, rendering the dellacquario construction to the capacity of all.
  Estimated the largeness of the bathtub regarding our requirements and remembering that the free surface must be devout immense possible in order to allow a high daria exchange, the measures of the single constituent slabs are brought back the walls and the bottom with the maximum Precision. To the vetraio of confidence they will go demanded crystal slabs with the edges dulls to you. The thickness of the walls goes calculated in connection with the length and therefore to the pressure of the liquid.
The walls go glue inner to the bottom beginning from two contiguous sides. Before that the adhesive completely has been hardened they come glue the two last walls. In order at least 24 hours the bathtub does not have to endure hits or movements. To this point with a razor blade from beard it goes eliminated the silicone eventually goverflow. If the silicone be spread with accuracy, avoiding in the absolute way devout to leave lacking zones also, our Aquarius sar in a position to resisting without problems to the pressure of the liquid minimal.

Successive step the sistemazione dellimpianto electrical worker and in particular of the lighting system source, we see in practical which problems must be faces to you. Since the neon arranged endured under the dellacquario cover, supported to of the stirrups glue to the walls, subordinate to a continuous originated watery vapor bath from the normal process of evaporation, turns out therefore obvious that in consequence of the good conducibilit electrical worker dellacqua the maximum cure to the perfect isolation of the contacts goes mail. To such scope in commerce they find of the complete groups light, gi perfectly isolates to you. The neon goes place, along dellacquario greater side immediately (5 cm) under the cover, for having the maximum luminous effect. Pu to be useful, to apply timer that automatically to rules the duration of fotoperiodo (the lamps must be to wide luminous phantom in order to allow the good increase of the plants, is found easy in the storees of acquariofilia.
  Dellaeratore Linstallazione, of the pump of the filter and the heating one does not place problems particular enough to follow the instructions on the confection; only precaution, to remember, regards the position of the heating one that must be arranged devout the close possible one to the dentrata point dellacqua in order to avoid the thermal stratification; memories moreover that the heat source does not have absolutely to be put in function before the filling of the bathtub in order to avoid the breach of the glass.

gi spoken at great length and the putting in work about extreme filter facilit it is the external or inner it.

Some difficolt can rise instead in the preparation of the dellacquario bottom. The main one constituted, silicea gravel, must preventively be very washed in order to eliminate  

every powder trace that otherwise could provoke intorbidimento dellacqua if it does not desire to acquire the gravel pu to rerun itself to that one of river or to lago sand controlling before with dellacido hydrochlorate or dellanticalcare that this does not contain soccer carbonate if lacido or to lanticalcare (fries) the limestone sand and therefore to avoid perch it would provoke an excessive hardness dellacqua. The thickness of the layer of the bottom does not have to be excessive, in contrary case could be verified of the anaerobic fermentations for insufficient oxygen circulation. Advisable aesthetic artifice in order to avoid perspective lappiattimento constituted from I found them of thickness not homogenous, but degrading from the distant side devout to that devout close allosservatore. In the zone in which previewed the advisable presence of vegetables to place a first layer of approximately 1 or 2 cm.di terriccio rich of nourishing substances or constituted from one tablet of torba, covered of gravel. In the case one agrees to accommodate the Ciclidi fish with labitudine to remove it in continuation, advisable to choose devout material of high diameter. Data that much species ittiche zones demand in which hiding if it disturbs to you, opportune to create goddesses you shelter constituted from lavica cliff fragments and small slabs dardesia.

A touch of realism given from the small presence d log that must be of torbiera in order to avoid that marciscano and moreover they have acidifying function.

To this point we can finally immettere lacqua making to strain it along the walls or best still to make to pass before it in the filter in order to avoid to move the bottom. A sure intorbidamento does not have to little worry in how much the substances in suspension sedimenteranno in time. It controls you the chemical parameters (pH and hardness with it I affixed pointers to you who buy themselves in storees of acquariofilia) and brought the opportune modifications in case not correspondence to the requirements of the species that is believed to raise, hour pu to pass to the putting to dwelling of the vegetables and allaccensione and calibration of the heating one.

before proceeding allintroduzione of the fish it goes held in function, in order at least 5-7 days, time necessary in order to linstaurarsi of a sure biological equilibrium and in order to verify the operation of all the complex.                                           


Height  20 30 40 50   60    70   80 90 100  110  120   130   140  1 50
30 2,5 2,8 3,3 3,8 4,1 4,2  4,4  4,6 4,9          
40    3,4  4,3 5,1 5,6 6,0 6,3 6,5  6,7 6,9 7,0 7,1    
50   4,4  5,1 5,8 6,5 7,2 7,7 8,2 8,4 8,7 8,9 9,1  9,2  
60     6,0 6,5 7,5 8,5 9,3 9,7 10,2 10,7 11,1 11,4  11,6 11,7
70      6,6 7,3 8,2 9,0 10,0 10,9 11,6 12,2 12,7  13,1 13,4 13,6
80     7,4 8,2 8,8 9,3  11,0 12,2 13,1 13,7  14,3 14,9 15,6 16,1

table in which the spessori in millimeters of crystals in the construction of the Aquarius based on the length (over) and allaltezza are brought back (on the left) calculated in centimeters.