The cuccia


If a dog has itself and the fortune is had outside to have a space house (garden or terrace) where it can living in libert, necessary creargli an ideal habitat where it can opportunely be sheltered. It must insomma preparargli one cuccia. In commerce if of it they find many gi ready, equipped of all the comfort, but pu it are also amusing to construct of one with the own hands. We see like. In the first place the cuccia it must be in wood (much devout warmth of that one in concrete) and with the spiovente roof, so that the rain not stagnations. The material the plywood multilayer or truciolato or also the tavolato one of fir adapted; it often must be at least a pair of centimeters on the roof and the walls, while the advisable pavement a po' devout massive. The dimensions, obviously, also must proporzionate to those of the animal and cos the income door. However it does not have to exaggerate. The dog must move well, but not swim in the space: in fact, devout the cuccia wide, little heat is collected.


The elements that must compose the cuccia are following: two panels for the sidewalls, two for that front and that posterior one, two for the roof, a massive panel devout for the pavement, two high gibs 4-5 centimeters (that they serve in order to hold the cuccia raised from the pavement) lives in brass (do not rust) long from 3 to 5 centimeters, iron angle irons in metratura in order to render devout the structure sturdy, wedges of wood in order to strengthen the roof. The panels can be acquire gi cut to you in measure near one of the many supermarkets of the wood or carpenter to you; or them pu to cut itself in house. The lateral panels must be rectangular, that front and posterior vertical with one of two short sides cut to tip and with one opening to U (for the door) in one only of the two panels. The two parts that compose the roof must leggermente be devout large of the lateral panels, so that the 5-10 roof sporga centimeters, tutt' around cos that cuccia the rests protect from the inclemencies. In order to prevent that the water penetrates to the inside, through the joint of the roof, opportune glue on the two panels a polyethylene sheet, of the thickness of average centimeter approximately. Once predisposed the several parts of the cuccia are proceeded to the splices: the four panels that form the base structure go connect to you between they, and then to the pavement, by means of brass lives. The two elements of the roof always go instead kinsmen with a fixed iron angle iron along the inner part (with of the lives) and with some wedges it glue to you and it screws to you. The roof cos constructed pu simply to be supported over the enough heavy structure poich in order to remain very fixed in its center. In this way easy to remove it in order to make pulizia in the cuccia. One cuccia small pu to be realized, anzich with roof to hut, a formed slanted roof from a single panel; in this case the two walls, posterior and front, anzich cut to tip in the high part, go oblique cut. This type of roof pu to fix to cuccia on the low part devout with one the long hinge and pu cos to open itself like the cover of one cassapanca.

Completed the construction it is passed to the paint job; poich the cuccia destined to remain to the open to paint it well, it is within is outside, with tre-quattro waterproofing varnish hands or enamel from wood. For greater comodit the faces of the inner panels they can be painted before assembling them. The roof must however be painted to part. After this operation it is advised to at least wait for due-tre weeks, before making to enter the dog in the cuccia, perch the odore of the varnish could annoy it and fargli to refuse the new room. The cuccia it goes at least once energetically washed with water and disinfectant (type lisoformio) to the every year and riverniciata two. With these systems guaranteed a long duration (on condition, obviously, than a good lumber is chosen). If the dog infested from you adorned to you (it often happens during the summery period) to disinfestare the cuccia well, spraying you to the inside an appropriate product antizecche, to action much energetic one (is acquired in the storees specializes to you).


  • If door to house a cucciolo and is wanted to be accustomed endured to sleep outside, preparargli endured one small well cuccia, in order to then replace it with devout a large one when it has caught up the normal ransom.


we thank Gino Mosele for the realization of this card