the leptospirosi


E' a disease given from various sierotipi of spirochete but two is considered important in the dog. Responsible canicola Leptospira of one acute interstitial nephritis. Ictero Leptospira haemorrhagiae has as organ target the liver and determines perivascular hemorrhages of the gastrointestinal feature and lungs. The dog becomes infected in how much leptospire is in a position to penetrating through the congiuntivale, nasal, oral mucosa and of the gastrointestinal feature beyond that through solutions continually (wounds) of the skin. The dog and rape urines infette are considered between frequent devout means of transmission. The leptospirosi to tuttoggi one dangerous disease also for luomo.  

Canicola Leptospira. Lincidenza of this considered disease today low. It hits of norm subject young that lives in citt. them dog becomes infected through lingestione or contaminated urine inhalation of dog. In the blood it happens the multiplication and spread of leptospire that days in the kidney are localized after 5-7, making to increase remarkablly them of volume. For some weeks the urines of the hit animals eliminate leptospire. The kidneys cos damage to you, second some authors, also in the recovered subjects they go chronic encounter to one interstitial nephritis.

        Symptoms - In the light shape they can lack completely

signs present clinicians or being for a temporary malaise. In the serious shape the high temperature serious labbattimento, you congiuntivale congestion, silks intense vomito, abdominal pain, diarrhoeas emorragica, dehydration, uremico state with presence of ulcere of oral cable, cough, sometimes drain subittero nasal and icterus, lessening of the quantit of issued urines that are of color dark.

        Diagnosis - In the light shape the not easy diagnosis. When leptospira in the blood (the first week) pu to be characterized with of the laboratory examinations that use methodical special date the reduced dimension a lot of the microorganisms. In the serious shape possible to estimate the renal damage created leptospire through a examination that measure the funzionalit renal. present in fact in the subjects hit from L. proteinuria modest canicola and in the urinario sediment is red globules, granular globules white men and formations.

        Therapy - Antibiotic (Streptomicina, Penicillin, Rifampicina, Tetraciclina) are in a position to eliminating leptospire from the blood and kidneys. In the subjects with vomito anti-emetic therapy, glucosata solution, elettrolitica solution in vein. The most important peritoneale dialysis, above all in the cases in which the funzionalit of the kidney seriously compromised.

        You outlined - Vaccine extinguished mixed with presence of sierotipo canicola that ictero haemorrhagiae it is made to three months and repeated after 15-20 days. In the adult dog it goes recalled every 6-12 months, perch the antigen ones stimulate unimmunit of short duration.

Ictero Leptospira haemorrhagiae.

Perhaps also this disease has today a low incidence also for the programs vaccinates them and the wide antibiotic use. However when it is introduced it has serious a clinical course. The penetration of the L. ictero haemorrhagiae in the dog happens above all through urines of the drain rape. The period of presence in the blood (leptospiremia) analogous to that one of the L. canicola.

The L. ictero haemorrhagiae determines a degeneration and died of the cells of the liver beyond that of the hemorrhages around it is gone blood.

        Symptoms - elevated Temperature, icterus, vomito, silks, diarrhoea with blood. The dead women pu to happen after little hours dallinizio of the disease or to the maximum in the space of little days.

        Diagnosis - Relatively easy in how much it without warning appears in young subjects with icterus and fever. The laboratory searches are equal to those for the diagnosis of the infection from L. canicola.

        Therapy - the therapy follows lindirizzo given for the L. canicola. In the serious cases transfusion of blood, epatoprotettori, Vit.

        You outlined - Like for the L. canicola.