The pica

The pica, or allotriofagia, pu to hit various species of animals but in particular the bovines, that they feel limpulso of leccare, biting and to divorare any object that the understood ones to shooting, and the birds. All the species of domestic birds can come hit from the pica (called also cannibalism) this push them to tear the piume vicendevolmente or to peck themselves hurting the cloacas or some finger that pu also to be cut. Some flown them, above all if held isolate to you, can autoinfliggersi of the wounds. In the period of the reproduction the nidiacei can be killed cripples and from the parents hit from this evil; if the mutilation pu to compromise the normal life delluccelletto once become adult, must make resorted to the abolition of the same one without provocargli pain. Beyond that from dietetic deficiencies, the pica pu to be due to toxic facts for the devout legacies to parasitic diseases, or also to simple defect in acquired kind for imitation; in such case the beccaggio is limited nearly always to the piume.

If draft of a simple defect, the pica recovers distogliendo lattenzione of the flown ones them with of the bag burlap bags with which they can be amused, if laccorgimento does not turn out, sufficient, with lisolamento to prolonged for devout or little second time necessit. When instead disease draft dobbligo to eliminate the causes that have determined linsorgenza of the evil. It must assure to the birds a complete alimentary diet and balanced, integrated with polivitaminico preparing, not making to lack it knows them mineral. Advisable laggiunta of it knows them from kitchen nellacqua from drink in reason of g 15 for liter.