Sarcoptidi Family

This family, with to others comprised in the sottordine of the Sarcoptiformi, comprises the Acarus agents of rogna o2 the Scabies. They are ectoparassiti of the cute of Mammals and Birds; the females are to ovipare or to vivipare and place eggs in galleries that they dig nellepidermide. The legs are short and finish, all or only part of they, with one setola conformed to ventosa. The kinds are frequent Sarcoptes), Notoedres that often the cat attacks, Cnemidocoptes that it attacks the polli. Other Sarcoptiformi that they deserve of being remembers to you is the kinds Otodectes and Psoroptes (fam. Psoroptidi) that they provoke one rogna in the horse, sheep, rabbit and in other Mammals in several regions of the body, often in the orecchie and on the head.


  Sarcoptes scabiei. It provokes rogna nelluomo with several breeds the correspondents to the various geographic regions. And cosmopolita. The length of 0,5 milimeter for female and 0,2 milimeter for the male. The hit skin is introduced with yellowish crusts and pruritic, fall of the hair, thickening of the cute, effects that have had are irritativa allazione of caused mechanical nature from the grattamento are allergic allazione. The larvali shapes esapode and ottopode, the males and the fertilized females do not live between the crusts of the cute; the females, after laccoppiamento, dig galleries nellepidermide using of the cheliceri and the eggs place you. These schiudono after a week getting rid the larva esapoda that door to the surface of the skin where it catches up the maturit sexual through two dumb ones after approximately a month from the schiusa. Linfestazione from a person allaltra happens to work of the young females that before sinking itself in the skin remain some day on the cute and they pass from one for sona allaltra when they are to contact.