the tenie



And supply of scolice armed with four ventose and a rostro not retraibile with two crowns with uncini with various dimensions), has 1000 proglottidi (long 6-7 m) and those mature ones are devout wide that high. Every proglottide it contains 30000-50000 eggs, and they are detached to groups of 4-5 disfandosi of usual nellintestino. CYCLE: lospite intermediate the suino that it is become infested assuming loncosfera that has diameter of 30-40 micron but that for the rest it does not introduce characters distinguished to you from the others tenidi. The suino coprofago and to digesting level of the embryos get rid esacanto that they enter in circle and they can catch up all the organs. Us although lorgano in which the larve they are developed more frequently and with greater effectiveness they are the muscles (cisticercus cellulosae). For the formation of the cisticerco weeks are necessary 9-10. Luomo that lospite definitive is become infested eating the little cooked raw meat or, to gastric level the protoscolici get rid that are leood on the wall dellintestino strobilando in 60-70 gg. Tenia the solium pu to live also 25 years. The particolarit that luomo pu to act as also from intermediate host and in this very devout case serious pathology.

Tenia solium passing in Italy and the countries industrializes to you. It remains in the countries whose standart igenico sanitary they are low and in which breeders of the suino it as an example assumes particular aspects like breeding to the state brado. It depends then on the alimentary habits; the Muslims do not become ill themselves perch do not eat pig meat.



Intermediate Lospite the bovine, long until 10 meters, other differences regards the scolice that it has only ventose and not uncini, and moreover the proglottidi introduces of the ramifications to cargo of the branches uterine. The proglottidi moreover they have the capacit to strain the anale sphincter for which the technique of the adhesive tape for the diagnosis is used. The sovrapponibile cycle ~ to that one of solium. The cisticerchi that 1-1,5 cm are formed () they are said cisticercus bovis. The cisticerco it introduces scolice I and from it we are in a position to differentiating it from cisticerco celluloses the proglottidi can be dealt with schiarificanti and in this way possible to put in evidence the ramifications uterine of the saginata one. Cisticercus bovis distributes to all the musculature even if to ispeftivo level it is gone to control to massetere, heart, language, intercostal, for the smaller economic damages that the dissection creates thimbles muscles. Hard Cisticercus bovis nellospite to the months for which possible to find cisticerchi of ET goes some and also some dead men that is calcifies to you and therefore they are masserelle round and hard to the cut.

Continuous Linfestazione to to be present also perch enough a single man in order to infest migliaia of animals. Perhaps in the last years verified an increase perch the young veterinaries denounce themselves of devout of old leventule the cisticercosi ones. The infested carcasss cannot be destined to the consumption; with the freezing.


PATHOLOGY: the cestode adult of usual it passes unnoticed, us can be complications single in the saginata case of tenia in which proglottidi furnitures they can be slipped into other organs giving: appendicitises, cholangitises, alternations from diarrhoea to stipsi.

The cisticercosi from serious solium nelluomo: of usual the cisticerchi they localize level of the SNC, in the ocular woven one and to perioculare. And present also muscular and subcutaneous localization and in these cases can be used the RX for the diagnosis (also perch many cisticerchi is calcifies to you). The symptomatology depends on the number, the stage and localization of the cisticerchi. ACTIONS of the cisticerchi:

irritativa (creates one conettivale cap that pu to become also an abscess that gives to problems species to ocular level)

_ in the SNC us pu to be jam and therefore alterations of the circle and necrosis. Noticed moreover one variation of the endocranica pressure and the composition of the liquor.

when the cisticerco it dies they can free of toxins from its decline: in fact after treatment with praziquantel they have been observed of the turbe nervous.

Cisticerco celluloses does not give problems in only sickens, not even bovis them from, that its frequency to level of greater myocardium regarding celluloses for which they have been had of the cases of pericarditis to died times with of the bovine.


DIAGNOSIS: For tenia saginata pu to use the adhesive tape for cisticercosi nelluomo the RX or best can be used the compiuterizzata axial tomography. Pu to capture the liquor where an increase of the range globuline and the eosinofili (also to ematico level is observed). The reliable devout tests are however FUSED and IIMMUNOELETTROFORESI In the diagnosis animals lunica possibilit the necroscopia and approval the habits sezionare only some muscles, many infestazioni pass unnoticed.  

MODALITA OF TRANSMISSION: the diffusing pricipale luomo contaminating the alimony and usingthe liquame human like fertilizer. Moreover the bugs are a lot important for the spread also coprofagi.

The eggs are little resistant, in fact also in the humid period devout they last to the max 5 months.

C. BOVIS hard 9 months in alive and 15 gg in the carcass

C. CELLULOSAE years            1 month  

Linfestazione delluomo is had for ingestion of little cooked raw meats or. The cisticercosi pu to have itself for ingestion of eggs (insufficient igene) or for autoinfetsazione in which the proglottidi they go back in the stomach, are used here get rid eggs and lembrione esacanto that then to internal level it goes in circle and from one cisticercosi.


- sanitary conditions igenico

- sanitary igenico education


tospite intermediate the bovine, along until 10 m, other differences regard the scolice that it only has   Ventose and not uncini, and moreover the proglottidi introduces of the ramifications to cargo of the branches uterine. The proglottidi moreover they have the capacit to strain the anale sphincter for which the technique of - the improvement technical of breeding is used

- inspecting improvement dellaspetto.

For the cisticercosi bovine but also human pu to possibly use PRAZIQUANTEL 5OmgIKg and when the cisticerco it has three devout months that the moment in which sensitive. In the case of massive infestazione, the carcass goes thrown, otherwise is frozen to almeno-10 0 C (optimal -20 0 C) for l0 gg. For having the cisticerchi with the baking they must be caught up i at least 570 C.


TAENIA HYDATIGENA: They have as definitive host the carnivores and localize to level of the large intestine assuming remarkable dimensions (2 and m.) inversely proporziona them to the number. Son specific of infestazioni of dogs from hunting and shepherdesses. They have scolice with four ventose and a rostro fortified of uncini small large in double crown. The proglottidi they have genital pori prominenti and irregularly alternated them. Those pregnant ones measure milimeter 10-15 of height and 4-7 of width. The 34 eggs are elliptical 39x micron.  

The intermediate hosts are:

_ suini

_ bovine

_ ovine

The larvale shape a cisticerco (cicticercus tenuicoiis), localized on superficial hepatic or the peritoneale sierosa and the caught up dimensions the cycle similar to that one of tenia is those of one pear pisiformisl Also for pathology cfr pisttormis.


TAENIA PISIFORMI[S: a parasite of the dog with intermediate host a rabbit. It has length that goes from 80 cm to 1.5m. Double crown of uncini introduces scolice with four circular ventose ~ of various dimensions. Definitive Nellospite the parasite is localized in the met prossimale del(tenue). Intermediate Lospite is become infected assuming eggs with alimony contaminates from made to you. To internal level free lembrione esacanto that hole the wall and through the portale circle arrives to the liver. Here through the parenchyma it catches up the dellorgano surface and posiziona or here or evolve in a cisticerco of dimensions of a pea. Nearly always they find of the groups of cisticerchi re-united cluster. This phase of the cycle employs 30 gg. Definitive Lospite is become infested ingesting lospite intermediate or its visceri, to internal level cisticerco the evagina the scolice and has the strobilazione.

PATHOLOGY: nellospite definitive have enterite signs of chronic. The inapparente clinical symptomatology or much discreet one, except in the cases of digestive massive infestazioni when ce loss of weight turbe and talora disturbs nervous.

Intermediate Lospite introduces lesions of acute hepatitis or phenomena of connettivale organization to second dellet and the level of infestazione. To livelllo of peritoneale sierosa chronic phenomena can be found subacuti and that carry to the formation of a fibrous cap that stretches to delimit lospite. The diagnosis is made through copromicroscopico examination.  


a cestode with length of 60 cm to one meter. The scolice has four ventose with rostro not retraibile fortified of one double crown of uncini.

Definitive Lospite is dogs and vixen and localization is had to level of the met prossimale of the tenuous one. Intermediate Lospite the sheep where CISTICERCO OVIS is formed. It localizes itself to level of epicardio, pleure and muscles.  


TAENIA TAENIFORMIS: the larvale shape a strobilocerca although is said c. fasciolaris. The vescicole hosts intremedi are micromammalian where the strobilocerca he localizes himself to hepatic level giving of 1 cm, one rape in a position to sopportar some also 5-6 even if such subjects seem to be devout the easy cacciabili ones from part of the cat that lospite definitive. Definitive Nellospite the tenia localizes to level first part of the tenuous one.  



MIJLTICEPS MULTICEPS: a cestode of medium dimensions that goes from 40 cm to I meter. The scolice of 0.8 cm with 4 22 prominenti ventose and rostro fortified of -32 uncini. The proglottidi pregnant they are devout long that wide. Spherical Lembrioforo with diameter of 30-35 micron. Represented definitive Lospite from canidi and vixens, and are localized to level of ileus. Intermediate Lospite of excellence is small ruminanti   and above all the sheep. It is localized to level di SNC. Intermediate Lospite is become infested through made of canidi internal level the free lembrione esacanto that the internal wall passes and through the door, the liver and latrio sx is distributed to all the districts. The cenuri are only developed that they arrive to the SNC and especially allencefalo. The cenuro it is introduced clearly like to liquid containing vescicola to thin wall and traslucida and with the presence of whitish points correspondents to the various cefaliche invaginazioni conteneti one scolice invaginato.

PATHOLOGY: nellospite definitive finds enterite one chronic and i signs cimici are practically nonexistent except in the case in which massive infestazione is one famous when a dimagramento. Intermediate Lospite in the phase of psychical migration of the larve introduces meningoencefalite diffuse and the presence turbe according to time can be verified of the necrosis from jam and in the case in which hit lanimale it is much young person can itself be had of the malformations to level of teca cranial. These parasatisms verification also sulluomo where lunica surgical solution lintervento. The presence of the cenuro in the sheep pu to give to bacterial complicanze as an example listeria that trofica for the SNC.