ORIGIN: France
Height: it is gone around around to 1,60 m
CAPE: All the decided capes are found, with prevalence of the sauro and the bay.
Character: It has a character orients them, therefore lively and much intelligent one.
Physicist: It does not have a typical tipologia, poich often comes intercrossed with various lines of blood, in fact the appropriate name Mezzosangue Limousin.


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The Mezzosangue Limousin does not have a very precise history, poich belongs to one of the numerous ones breeds of average blood that has become one characteristic French. It is indicated often, and improperly, with the term Franais Saddlebacks, even if are uniforms in small groups second the origin region; the Limousin, like also, as an example, the Charolais, makes part of the group of the average blood of the Center. Through selection and crossings, tent to produce itself of the good subjects from saddleback that could be used in various specialit. The Mezzosangue Limousin, than of base an optimal horse of type Anglo-Arab, derives from crossings carries out to you for numerous centuries between cavalle of the Arabic Limousin and English Purosangue and also Purosangue. To the day today numerous subjects with blood anglo-normanno in the veins are found

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