ORIGIN: Austria
Height: From 1,50 m to 1,60 m.
CAPE: The common the gray, even if bay, sauro and also sometimes ubero color devout.
Character: E' an intelligent horse, of good volont, docile, sweet, insomma excellent.
Physicist: Large head has one, from the often rectilinear profile. It has the same characteristics of the Andalusian, but extension a portamento much devout nobleman.


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The breeding of the Lipizzano has had beginning in XVI the century, in Austria where it has an important today school tutt'.

Its name derives from Lipizza a citt that it is found close in Slovenia (to Trieste).
The first subjects of this breeding were pure Andalusians. In the breeding of Piber
(close to Graz in Austria) between its ancestors there of the blood of Kladruber (Neapolitan race a lot important, currently extinguished, formed from blood Andalusian, Berber and Arab) and, also perhaps Arabic and Fredriksborg.
The horses of these various breedings were intercross between they, obtaining to you like result, in the lipizzano and the kladruber, a horse of origin in greater part Andalusian, similar also in the aspect.

The Lipizzano the rinomata race of the famous Spanish School of Vienna, founded in the 1729 from Carl Of Austria "for the education of the nobilt in the equestre art". The school, still today, uses alone stalloni and us years of hard job in the dressage want in order to obtain "high airs", that they have made the reputation of the horses of Vienna.


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