(Eutamias sibiricus)

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Average life of the life 3 - 4 years (but pu to arrive until 20)
Weight of the adult 70 - 120 g
Pubert 11 months
Duration of the gestation 30 - 32 days
Cucciolata number for 3 - 4
Increase of the hair to the eleventh day
Eruption of the teeth 25 days
Opening of the eyes 20 days
Breast-feeding 3 - 4 days
Weaning 50 days
Weight to the birth 4 g

ATMOSPHERE our alive irresistibile and triggered devil in an immensest area that goes from the meridione of Finland until the north of Japan and China.

IN CATTIVIT the scoiattolo 80 cm better must to living in a cage many able (at least 90 x 50 x but if the dimensions are advanced) preferibilmente in groups of 2 - 5 individuals, also holding account of eventual conflicts and aggressivit. The cage pu to be held is to the inside that to the outside and, in these cases the scoiattoli will go in letargo during the winter. To the inside of the cage we could put also many accessories type wheels, coppers, log and a lot other for giving way to amuse itself to our friend all knows to you and piroette. we must put a every nest for single scoiattolo whose 20 dimensions will not have to be inferior to 15 x x 15cm, this cassette to serve to the chipmunk as warehouse, shelter for the night, and for the females in maternit.Sul deep of the cage in steel to wide mesh, we will have to put one lettiera of trucioli of wood, torba or sawdust


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FEEDING Is necessary offrirgli a balanced dose of seeds, verdure, yields fresh and secca.I common seeds of sunflower can be alternated to frumento, oats, mais.Molto very chip axes are oranges, apples, grape sultanina, more never not somministrate kernels of peaches or susine that is potentially tossiche.Acqua fresh must be always present and in abundance.

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species demanded from VALENTINA B.(VA)