the disease that miete devout victims between the dogs. The veicolato responsible a virus for several ways, above all that one aerogena.La enough varied symptomatology pu to be, to second of the frequent apparatus colpito.Nei puppys internal localization: lack of appetite, dehydration, emorragica diarrhoea appear. The nervous shape devout the dangerous subdola and poich appears sometimes when the dog seems gi recovered. characterized from depresslone, incoordinati movements, convulsions of epilettiforme type. The outcome in kind infausto; if the animal survives pu to remain disabled from tremors spastic (species of tic nervous) it localizes to you.
An other frequent localization that one to cargo of the respiratory, responsible system of bronchitises or bronchopneumonias, and to cargo of the congiuntive and the nasal mucosa that appear reddened and covered of mucus. The therapy, made up of antibiotics, servants to only block the germs of secondary irruption, not the virus of the cimurro. Perci recommends the preventive vaccinazione, that it stimulates the production, from part of the animal organism, of particular said substances antibodies in a position to neutralizing the action of the virus. It goes held present that the appearance of a sufficient antibody rate happens to 7-10 days of distance from the participation vaccinates them. They exist numerous prepares to you trades them in which the vaccine for the cimurro associated to that one of the infectious hepatitis, talora to that one of the leptospirosi.

Infectious gastroenteritis of the dog

one disease appeared recently in our country: the first signallings go back al1979. As all the morbose shapes of new introduction have caused, in the phase it begins them, numerous victims above all in the young people. Of responsible a virus that it hits the digesting apparatus: the prevailing symptom vomito, followed from emorragica diarrhoea. The animal dehydrates itself quickly and introduces intense dolorabilit to the palpazione to gastric level. . Il period of varied incubation from 3 to 10 days; I' abrupt debut, with the symptoms described over; in the favorable cases the disease is resolved in the 4-7 arc days. Mortalit the verification above all in the puppys and cuccioloni, devout very rarely in adulti.Le the conditions generates them of the subject plays an important role to the ends of the guarigione: animals debilitate to you from parasatisms or in poor state of nutrition they have survival minors possibilit. The tempestivit in the therapeutic participation pu to contribute remarkablly to the guarigione: indispensable the work of veterinario.Negli the last times assisted to a lessening of the incidence of the gastroenteritis cases infettiva.Attualmente is available vaccinates specific by means of which the puppys can be immunize to you.

Infectious hepatitis

Passed disease to acute in the cucciolo, sometimes inapparente in the adult and the cucciolone. The symptoms are in part sovrapponibili to those of the cimurro with attenuated devout manifestations. It appears, like residual of the disease, I' corneale opacamento that recovers after some canili tempo.Nei typical the dead women unexpected of the puppys, while rare the mortalit in the adult. Also for this opportune disease to resort to the protective vaccinazione, associated to that one of the cimurro.

Cough of the canili

It hits of preference the dogs of the breedings or those holding in pension. a stizzosa, aphonic cough, sand bank, than some time it provokes vomito. In kind the afebbrile shape, to passed benign. the cough of the canili caused from virus exists the vaccine (- sprt adenovirus- and batteri);i vaccine gives bonds turns out to you.


Supported contagious infectious disease from a virus neurotropo, transmissible through salted it infects. Pu to hit also the man. The dog always be considered the greater responsible of the transmission of the disease. However many animals of other species can veicolarlo.La difficolt in given it vanquishing from the fact that numerous wild animals us, before between all the vixen, are a tank of the disease. Initially the symptoms are rather vague, consisting in one modification of the character with ' sadness or unexpected joy. Subentra then one tendency to bark or to bite whichever thing. Some subjects do not introduce these symptoms, are insensitive and are to open mouth. To the apex of the disease the dog introduces alluci nations and swallows the devout objects varies to you. A progressive paralysis, that it begins from the posterior limbs, the door finally to morte.Il veterinary and the sanitary offices must be adhered in case of morsicatore dog or morsicato to particular legislative dispositions to the aim to fulfill to an effective action of you outlined.


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