This disease, that it hits a great wild number of species in every part of the world, also remarkablly diffused between the domestic flown ones them. Nearly always lethal the difterica shape, less serious the vaiolosa shape and in kind the hit subjects recover. True and own therapies do not exist, the better system in order to defend the birds the prevention by means of inoculazione of affixed vaccine to you for ornithological use. For I' inoculazione of the vaccine sar to take advantage itself well of the work of the veterinary. Premises, cages and accessories go under places to most accurate pulizia and disinfection, the deceased excrements and animals go giornalmente cremati.

Coccidiosi or colera

Disease caused from the coccidi, protozoi of the sort Eimeria, that they are hidden in the intestines. I hit subjects introduce spossamento, silks continuous, absolute lack of appetite and gasping respiration; they hold the open spout and spinning forgiveness a vischiosa dribble and, I made them are whitish and much liquid. The mortalit for colera pu to interest 90% of a breeding. In order to avoid diffusing itself of the contagio it must supply immediately to the isolation of the sick ones and giornalmente cremare the excrements and the empty ones of the deceased subjects. Fortunately for the coccidiosi it has a relatively low incidence between the flown ones ornaments them them from cage.

infectious Laringo-tracheitis

Contagious disease from virus, pu to contract for ingestion of drinks and alimony pollutes to you, through hurt or through punctures of you adorned to you external. benign and light to usually passed disease; the hit subjects introduce hissing respiration, cough, emission of mucus from the nari and the spout, difficult respiration. The canaries go isolate to you and cure to you with suffumigi made up of mentolo, guaiacolo and eucaliptolo.


Infectious and contagious disease that hits in kind all the domestic animals and from courtyard. Manifest generally with the paralysis of a wing or one leg; the subject suffers from lack of appetite, diarrhoea and of ocular inflammation. The type infection always much serious one and is not resolved never spontaneously, therefore opportune to subject the animal hit to the cures of a veterinary. necessary to use the usual prudenziali measures isolating the sick ones and disinfecting cages and premises.

Infectious osteoarthritis

Disease that contracts with I' ingestion of polluted substances or also through wounded small. The manifestations are those typical ones that are found in the infectious diseases: sleepiness, loss of the song and the appetite, I made and fever liquid. The guarigioni are much improbable and in case happened do not give back for the flown ones them to their primitiva, complete efficiency. Necessary isolation, disinfection and cremation of the excrements and the deceased subjects.

Paratifosi or salmonellosi

one infectious disease due to schizomiceti. Mortal disease them for the small, pu is not it for the adults, than for of it remains healthy bearers. I symptoms are in kind constituted from lack of vivacit express dimagramento, insufficient interest to the food contrapposto to silks burning, made diarroiche, ventre, respiration swollen affannosa.Si cure with the somministrazione of antibiotics, which a rich feeding of vitamins must be accompanied.