Parasatisms internal

L and verminosi of the dog are imputable to numerous types of adorned to you: we will subdivide them in two categories, to directed cycle, that they pass directly cio from animal to animal, and to indirect cycle, when before infesting the dog newly a passage happens on a so-called ' host intermedio' (rabbit, sheep, pulce etc.) on which they complete a part
of their cycle vitale.Tra the devout diffuse number the ascarids that are large worms white men who live in the tenuous intestine.
Two ways of infestazione exist: representing from the egg of the parasite that finds itself in the land, other from the larva migrante through the cute.

You adorned to you to indirect cycle indirect cycle . Between the said worms plates number the tenie. It goes premised that they are not transmitted directly from dog to dog, poich possess an indirect cycle passing through an intermediate host. The adult parasite alive in the intestine of the Dog and emits of proglottidi (the very visible segments in made) that they contain of eggs. If these are ingested from the host are developed on it, they become larve and to this point they can infest the dog. I dogs are infest to you from the pisiforme tenie, cucumerina and exceptionally from the echinococco mainly. While for the first two represented cycle respective mind from rabbit-dog and pulce-dog, for I' echinocco comes true through I' ingestion of infested bovine and ovine meats. Also the man pu to be hit from echinococcosi with serious consequences . The prevention of the visceri teniasi pu to be put into effect avoiding of somministrare to the rabbit dog or lepre (tenia pisiforme), disinfestandolo periodically from pulci (tenia the cucumerina), using cooked meats (tenia echinococco). On purpose of quest.ultima, being its pericolosit for the man, sar opportune, in the zones infette, also one you outlined directed on the animal with the periodic somministrazione of drugs.

You adorned to you to direct cycle direct cycle . The egg has a resistant shell that concurs it to survive for years; moreover it joins, perch sticky, to the hair and legs of the dog that 10 assumes leccandosi. The larve that they are born from eggs ingested migrano through the woven ones and as such they remain cos somatizzate. If an infested female pregnant, the larve migranti catches up the cucciolo for via placentare to the quarter pregnancy week.
After the birth the ascarids mature in register not of the baby and subsequently not all the larve migrano from a bitch begin to place eggs Poich, this pu to infect cucciolate successive with the same modalit Finche have larve infesting. . Alcune di esse migrano attraverso le ghiandole mammarie e di qui infestano nuovamente i puppys che vengono allattati. The worms are innocuous if they are found in limited number, but numerous infestazioni produce effects generate them remarkable which diarrhoea, swollen abdomen, lack of appetite. t enough easy to eliminate you adorned delI' intestine to you of the dog while still impossible to destroy the larve somatizzate; for this reason a bitch potr to transmit to ascarids to the own puppys even if I' examination of I made turns out negative. They exist of you adorned many devout dangerous these to you and cio ancilostomi and the Small and short uncinarie, possess of the denticoli with the which tranciano the internal villas in order to nourish itself sometimes (of the blood of the host, carrying a.morte entire cucciolate because of the remarkable anemizzazione and of the hemorrhages produced in the hit subjects. . L'infestazione da tricocefali avviene per via orale e i soggetti adulti vivono nel cieco e nel colon. In case of massive infestazioni they are manifested serious disturbs internal with emorragica diarrhoea, anemia, lack of appetite, loss of weight nonch insufficient rendering in the dogs from hunting and job. . La razza pi sensibile a questa parassitosi   . I'epagneul breton e non sono infrequenti decessi provocati da infestazioni massicce.
For the prevention of the infestazioni from you adorned to direct cycle essential I' hygiene to you acclimatizes them poich the animal assumes eggs scattered with I made them. . Uno dei mezzi pi efficaci per distruggerle il calore. . L'impiego di lanciafiamme   . indicato sui pavimenti di cemento o di mattone, sulla terr eno poco efficace.
For the dogs that live in parks, garden or apartments it advises a periodic examination of I made (due-tre times the year) so as to to be able to take part before that the parasatisms provoke serious damages.  

. Parassitosi dell'apparato circolatorio

. Filariosi. The filarie above all hit the cardiocircolatorio apparatus determining affections to times mortali.La they particularly ominous action on the animals that practical not sport or job. . Essi dimostrano scarso rendimento, tosse e respirazione difficoltosa. . Nei casi pi gravi, dopo un breve tratto di corsa, si fermano esausti e devono essere ricondotti in canile. I you adorned to you adult, localizing itself to cardiac level, determine one sfiancamento of the heart that not devout in a position to assuring an adequate propulsion of the blood towards several the organs. . Responsabile dell'infestazione la zanzara che la diffonde mediante puntura dell'animale. . La si constata con maggior frequenza nelle zone palustri, umide o coltivate a riso. The prevention of the disease pu to be put into effect with drugs filaricidi; somministrati in the season adapted, prevent to the larve to become you adorned to you adult. . Altro rimedio I'eliminazione delle zanzare o I'allontanamento del dog dalle zone infette. The particularly difficult therapy, poiche often recidive are taken place; moreover the cardiac lesions can gi be so serious that I' elimination of the parasite does not produce the benefits hopes to you.