They represent, statistically, an important quota all the diseases that hit the dogs: some as the scabies and the mycoses can be transmitted also to the man.

Red Rogna

With manifestations analogous, but not pruritic, it hits mostly subject to shaved hair. The lesions are localized above all to the head and the front limbs. The disease is not transmitted like the rogna sarcoptica, stretches for to being particularly obstinate, rebellious to the therapies mediche.In some cases evolve in pustular shape conferring the animal an unpleasant aspect.

Sarcoptica Rogna

due to a parasite, Sarcoptes scabiei, that it produces pruritic alterations to the cute in the zone of the armpits, the orecchie and legs. . Il pruritus increases if . Il dog approaches one heat source. The affection much contagious patient for other dogs creating serious problems for those who posseggono of canili.Le the persons who come too much to contact tightened with the animals affections from this disease can contrary: it introduces itself with small pruritic lesions on the abdomen and on the limbs, the fast guarigione devout of that one of dog.La the diagnosis on the dog is carried out with the demonstration of the parasite that evidences itself microscopically. The not difficult therapy and is put into effect with of the medicati baths associates to you to scrupulous norms of igiene.La cuccia and the atmosphere attends to you from the dog goes cleaned up and disinfects to you periodically.


Devout frequently in the cat that in the dog affections appear due to fungi of the pelle.Le lesions they are in kind characterized from alopeciche areas with breach of the hairs and scaly aspect. Microscopical examinations of laboratory and confirm the diagnostic suspicion offering cos the opportunit to suggest a local therapy or generale.I mycosis cases are always devout numerous and demand attention for the possibilit of contagio to persone.La the prevention of the cutaneous diseases due to adorned to you or fungi happen in two ways: avoiding the contact with hit subjects, curing the hygienic conditions of the atmosphere and the cute of the animal.

Tumors of the skin

Moors of the skin exist numerous you: verruche, papillomi, lipomi, fibromi, etc. After I' removal he would be advisable to make to practice l.esame istologico for having the certainty not to find itself of forehead to malignant neoplasie chew have the tendency to scatter itself in other centers.  


In the dog they are due to local infections provoked from germs or virus.Le devout you attend are I' acne, the furunculoses, cutaneous ulcere, the piodermiti ones. The abscesses interdigita them and I' intertrigo They are particularly painful for the dogs from hunting; they appear as a result of penetrations of small bodies strangers in the foot or to bacterial and mycotic affections of the space interditale.Il dog demonstrates itself reluctant to the race above all on lands accidentati.AI of l of this disadvantage the animal does not introduce disturbs of character generale.La incomplete guarigione and the recidive force talora to renounce to the venatoria use of the animal.