The eyes are sensitive organs, center of frequent inflammatory processes. Between devout the common ones they are congiuntiviti recognizable from an abundant the secretion that smears the cute surrounding and from reddening of the congiuntive. The causes are innumerevoli; if I' abrupt, probable insorgence features of a traumatic fact or a body stranger. In quest.ultimo opportune case a ribaltamento of the third eyelid in order to remove it. Some breeds to cute abundant and lassa (mastiff Neapolitans, boxer, hound) are predisposed to the ribaltamento towards the ocular globe of the same eyelids that become continuously they body stranger for the eye irritateing it (entropion).Nel opposite case (ectropion), the excessive ribaltamento towards the outside of the eyelids favor the penetration of bodies strangers.
Both defects are for the devout ones of genetic origin and find solution with a plastica.Nei participation of surgery old dogs enough frequent the cataract. The crystalline one is opacified and the eye appears little like appannato.La capacit visual little affievolisce until complete cecit the slow but inexorable worsening. The medical therapies are not much effective: in the serious cases it is taken part surgical. The prevention delle diseases that hit the eye of difficult performance, in practical reduces alle infections from body stranger. After one struck of hunting or a walk in campaign the eye is taken an examination lowering the inferior eyelid; the eventual present corpuscoli will be remove to you with inumidito cotton, boric water or, in lack of other, with the border of a inumidito handkerchief. To times the body stranger penetrates under the third not visible eyelid and from the outside; in order to remove it necessary the employment of a clamp with which ribalta the third eyelid. Not having sufficient experience better to resort to the veterinary without to wait for too much perch the continuous rubbing on the cornea pu to cause serious lesions.