List of dog breeds come hit from otiti (inflammation of the orecchie); some for devout are predisposed to reason of the particular conformation of the ear or for the presence of hairs.

Otiti from body stranger

Dogs to orecchie flesse and hairy which cocker and setter often endure, in summery period, the penetration of ears of erba.Infiggendosi in the auricular channel, they provoke an annoying disturbance and create preupposti for one the successive infection. The owner who has carried to run one of these dogs in a Prato 10 sees to return without warning GO BACK TO LIST with the head reclined from the hit side. The animal shakes the head and tries grattar the ear with I' posterior limb. In little time the veterinary with the aid of otoscopio and clamp to extract the ear raising the animal from much annoyance. If I' removal does not happen nel.giro.di little days, from the auricular culvert inizier to fuoriuscire a purulent and maleodorante liquid that sure to render devout the guarigione long and problematic. I protective suggestions us in these cases consist in rasare in summer the inside of the auricular pavilion in order to diminish the probabilit of penetration of the ears and in avoiding to make to scorrazzare just the dog in the pullulanti prati ones of these wild ariste, that they can penetrate also in the spaces interdigita them.


The repeated shakings of the head provoke you from adorned to you in the auricular channel or from bodies capillary strangers they facilitate the breach of the blood ones under the cute of the orecchio.Ne achieves pours mento emorragico, saying haematoma, visible to the outside like rigonfiamento. This affection, than once again hits with greater frequency the dogs to long orecchie and flesse, it needs of the surgical correction. The simple emptying of the haematoma followed from recidive that provoke one retraction of the auricular cartilage with consequent aesthetic damages. I you adorned to you that they reign in the auricular culvert of several dogs go perci fought with much perseveranza; sar this the best one you outlined against taking place itself of the otoematoma.  

Parasitic Otite

The name of for if esplicativo: due cio to a small parasite that hides itself and prolific to the inside of orecchio.L' the infestazione happens for the devout ones for contact with other animals, dogs or cats, become ill to you. The responsible acarus provokes pruritus and annoyance to the dog that it shakes and gratta orecchie.Dal the pavilion fuoriesce dark cerumen. For the parasitic otite guarigione of the not sufficient application of I affixed medicines to you, necessary a pulizia continues of orecchio.La the possible prevention avoiding the contact with hit animals, controlling and periodically cleaning up the orecchie of the own animals.