L ' respiratory apparatus of the dog with the exception of that one of other mammals introduces one characteristic singular. The dog possesses on the body little glands to sudoripare, than normally they eliminate water and knows them, for which the insignificant cutaneous traspiratorio phenomenon. Verification perci an elimination of compensation through the way respiratoria.Le thermal variations gets used them, the conditions of umidit the emotional facts condition in sensitive way the rhythm and the frequency of the respiratory actions. much common one to see of summer dogs that with the language pendula they breathe to bellows leaving to fall to the ground drops of salted. This mechanism serves to maintain to constant the inner temperature of the organism. If the dog comes left in an automobile   completely sluice, I' clouding of the glasses of the vehicle verification in little minuteren for the great vapor mass that comes eliminated from the animal. In summer to leave a dog with the vehicle to the sun and the windows sluices you want to say to expose the animal to the heat blow.

It often happens that the affections of the pulmonary apparatus are manifested or coexisted with affections of the cardiocircolatorio apparatus.
Not always the cough of pulmonary origin and in the old dogs, as an example, often connected to alterations works them of cuore.Le the common devout affections regards the first respiratory ways, laryngitises and tracheitises, which they make followed bronchitises and bronchopneumonias. The essential members in the genesis of these affections are the exposure to the cold, to the species, airflows for dogs do not accustom to you to vive!e to the open. The phenomenon which had to the virulenza of saprofiti germs or the contagio to work of other dogs, like in the case of the so-called cough of the canili, similar to the pertussis of the children for its insistent and stizzoso character. Other times the cough accompanied from diagnostic currently average alterations of the respiratory rhythm because of neoplasie.Esistono, like examinations of the blood, x-rays, colturali examinations of the secreti, that they allow the veterinary to cure sure affections better and than to emit with greater certainty one prognosis.