The incidence of the diseases much devout elevated in the females that in the males: the genital apparatus feminine them sopporta however the greater burden of the riproduttiva function . The frequently hit devout parts are mammelle and the I' uterus. To cargo of first we find mastitises and tumors above all; to cargo of according to usual infections purulente.Le the mastitises they are inflammation of the mammary glands that take part during the lactation, as a result of lacked suzione from part the puppys or to imaginary pregnancies. The mammelle hit appear warm and hurting; to the jam it strains a liquid of variable color from the red one to the verdastro to second of the germs that have provoked the affection. The high fever and permane until that the mammelle they have not been emptied and decongested. The mastitises render difficult I' breast-feeding of the puppys and sometimes necessary to resort to the bottle-feeding.

To sure ET it is the bitches that have give birth are the nulliparous ones introduce benign mammary tumors not infrequently, malignant, sometimes misti.I malignant tumors stretch to increase quickly of volume, to ulcerarsi and above all to adare metastasis to the inner organs. clearly that I' premature removal and the istopatologico examination offers the opportunit to emit the prognosis and eventually to begin an opportune therapy. The uterus pu to be endometrite affection from or piometra. Before, determined of usual from an infection from delivery, it involves continuous losses of purulent material that smears the genitals external them and the surrounding areas. accompanied from fever, insufficient appetite, remarkable increase of silks. The piometra it often achieves to turbe ovarian and it appears in the bitch in kind from the 6 year in ahead, exceptionally also before. After an irregular loss of purulent mucus and successive closing of the neck uterino, determines one such collection to simulate to times the pregnancy. This purulent material provokes a which had toxic picture to the resorption in the circolatorio torrent. It appears therefore silks intense, loss of weight and, in serious the devout cases, lessening and passing of the appetite. Poich the medical therapies damage does not turn out to you worthy of consideration, I' surgical participation remains the effective remedy devout and risolutivo.L ' genital apparatus male them very rarely hit from affections of clinical importance. To remember a disease it dictates venereo sarcoma of Stricker, of genesis it turns them, and therefore transmissible from subject to subject. Rare instead the tumors. Devout you attend the traumi provokes to you from the coitus.