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  Vertebrati Type

Class Amphibious

Order. Anurl

Ranldl Family

Kind and specie.Mantella aurantiaca
(cape of Madagascar)

The beauty and the vivacit of the coloration are not characteristic exclusive rights of the birds or the bugs; little know for that in the neglected world a po' of the frogs and the rospi some representatives exist who, for the brilliance of their colors, deserve to figure between the species admired devout animals. just the case of the cape of the Madagascar. This small frog, exclusive right of the great island African, indeed one of the animaletti devout beautiful of the world, moreover its alive, devout or less dark smagliante color orange, indeed constitutes an only case between the frogs. Its position in the classification be to along controversial. At first it had been included between the Racoforidi, but later on the zoologi they discovered that own frog be a matter itself of one true and, to place in the family of the Ranidi. The customs and the habits of thecape still are disowned, or at least in way much incomplete one. Little it is known of the riproduttivo behavior. One zoologo had transported a cape alive in one scato it, in which bathed sponge had placed one, in order to assure to the animal the umidit necessary. Its surprise was enormous when, to the arrival, trov the eggs of the cape attacked to the sponge. The investigator accud the eggs with every cure finche of schiusero small girini, than developed and endured the metamorphosis becoming beautifulst capes. From the moment that in the box where was transported it the cape not was some male the Zoologo deduced that in this species the inner fecondazione, with the exception of us that the other species of frogs happens in all.


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Ovipara    Brooded. 25-50 eggs

Length. 3 cm