Stallone of Maremmana race


Spread and breeding
The maremmano horse drift from an ancient population diffused in all the tirrenico shoreline. Race typically from saddleback be subordinate since the century slid to a insanguamento with stalloni pure blood and Arabs.
The system of breeding brado in difficult atmospheres, where sometimes the pasture scarseggia, in ollowing itself of the generations has determined a natural selection, exalting the characters of rusticit and frugalit, cio the capacit to survive also in the environmental conditions them devout difficult.
The breeding of the Maremmano horse in expansion on nearly all the national territory and the consistency puts into effect them of approximately 3.500 subjects, concentrates to you in the province mostly of Grosseto and Viterbo; they are present nuclei of riproduttori in purity in others 45 province.

Ethnic characters
The Maremmano a horse of mesodolicomorfo, sturdy type and from the shapes rather collections; the cape morello, bay, sauro occasionally in the females. Being sauro a cape to recessiva expression, they can be born, also from parents not sauri, subjects males sauri that they could not be enrolled like stalloni; subject grays and roani cannot never be born.


No breeding to signal
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The Genealogico Book of the horse of Maremmana race be instituted with D.M. 21.07.80.
The selection is proposed to value the attitude to the horse competition, nonch the dowries of rusticit and nevrilit for the equitazione of mass and the equestre tourism.


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