The original horse arigeois of the department of the Arige in the French Pyrenees. Better known in France like "cheval de Mrens" (from the name of a common one of the high Arige to the border with Andorra), in the second one met of 70 years ' state introduced in the alpine valleys of the province of particularly diffused Wedge and in all the Italy north where they are present nuclei of breeding. Present also in Holland and Germany, the Mrens has at this point caught up one European dimension. Horse of medium ransom, leggermente lengthened, from the sturdy limbs, remarkable for the resistance and the health, the optimal character and the detached attitude to the job on difficult lands. The cape morello zaino, cio all black, is admitted some particolarit to fixed center: small spots white women in head, rare jump some, some hair white man scattered to the flanks and the tail.
Traditionally raised in mountain atmosphere, the horse of Mrens usual to pass the summery months until to the late autumn to the state brado in the pastures of high quota; during the periods of total innevamento the branches only come ricoverati in fixed structures. The attitude to the pasture and the sobriet of feeding have rendered the use of uncultivated or marginal lands possible. The fattrici have good fecondit with strong lactations that concur one remarkable velocit of increase of the puledri.

Great pascolatore, since puledro acquires in alpeggio the reservoirs for the winter, the resistance to the cold, the robustness of the hoof and a sure step, that they are between the peculiarit of the race. Docilit, resistance, great emergency of sailing point make of the Mrens a polyvalent horse from the point of view of use. Meaningful the choice carried out to international level to admit to mounts publishes stalloni that they have exceeded a competition to specific tests, during which they come carried out strict vocational appraisals, beyond that genealogiche and morphologic.

Traditionally employed in the agricultural jobs on difficult lands and impervi, the Mrens is introduced like valid complement of the tractor in many mountain zones where necessarily reduced mechanization. It is lend for the transport to pack-saddle, the towing of slitte and you cut and for the shooting light.

A recent guideline of the selection has sortito for the use from saddleback a model of particularly indicated horse for the equestre tourism that, also maintaining the race characteristics, has shapes piu' snelle, devout leggermente advanced ransom and a nevrile character and diamond.

For this attivit of renewed interest the Mrens is lend dearly and with adapted training pu to catch up performances of high level. (II place to the Championship of France 1989 - the place to the Championship of France 1990).


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The spread to European level of the race, has made that in the single states where present the horse of Mrens Breeders with the scope have formed themselves of the Associations to manage the genealogico book of race to local level, to coordinate the action of the breeders and to promote the spread of the race.
In Italy the Association Breeders constituted in 1984. It operates in collaboration with the Councillorship to the Agriculture and forestry of the Piemonte Region and manages, with own technicians on delegation of the Ministry of French Agriculture, the Italian section of the official genealogico book of the race, fixing the selection criteria object it to you and.
It cures moreover the promotion organizing every year the Review of Race, participating to several manifestations and putting to disposition of interested the list of the subjects in sale. The Association has acquired in just of stalloni (the others is of propriet private) which are assign to stations annually of mount publish managed from breeders, these stalloni during the summery season come alpeggiati with the branches of fattrici.

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