ORIGIN: Hungary
Height: To second of the types it oscillates between 1,52 m to 1,63 m
CAPE: Morello, dark bay, sauro, sauro burnt and gray. In the Furious one with bay cape signs can be introduced white men.
Character: Docile E', but much assets, energetic and of good volont.
Physicist: All and the three produced types (Furious, Nonius and Gidran) turn out homogenous between they. The harmonious incollatura and supports one head much elegant one. The posterior trains strong and are very constructed with sure hooves. The tail comes capacity with elegance and much high one.


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In the course of the centuries the breeders Hungarians have given life to three types of horses mezzosangue: the Furious one, the Nonius, the Gidran. These subjects come indicate to you like from saddleback distinguished and for the attack. The Furious One: called also with the name of Mezohegyes from the name of the scuderia that has given beginning to the selection, it derives from exactly Furious a called English Purosangue, been born in 1836. The Nonius: devout a leggermente heavy subject from the morphologic point of view, regarding first and the its tipologia has contributed in important way to fix the characters of Furious the such one and which to com' today. The Gidran: a mezzosangue comes down from stallone the Arabic Gidran Senior and of Arabic, obtained type from giumente local and stalloni English Purosangue.


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