(Graphiurus murinus)


Miniums ghiro African, known also like Minighiro of the forests, has a distribution that comprises great dellAfrica part to south of the Sahara. Its habitat, as it suggests the name, mainly the wooded land or the forest, but nellAfrica of the south adventure end within the savana or on the full of rocks outcrops. And state seen even within or close to the human rooms, even if pu not to just compete with the black, true rape and coinquilino delluomo also in the houses Africans.

In the populations that live very to South, neighbor to Citt of the Head when it is approached the cold season begins to fatten and to impigrirsi until falling for some periods in one be of torpore, than it does not go just confused with a true one and letargo that prerogative of the ghiro of the zones moderated like as an example that European.

In the photo ghiro "nostrano" * a $11$*The tail, used like balance in order to keep itself in equilibrium, similar to the tail of the scoiattoli.

The tail, used like balance in order to keep itself in equilibrium, similar to the tail of the scoiattoli. This, as it happens for the lucertola pu to detach itself for autotomy like defense mechanism. We must therefore be a lot attention when we handle it not withholding it for the tail that could remain to us in hand. The tail of these animals, even if on one side has the same characteristic of that one of the lucertole detaching itself in danger case in order to allow the dellanimale escape, with the exception of that one of the lucertole pu not to ricrescere.




In nature they have one practically diet onnivora, eating: seeds, yield, vertebrati bugs, eggs and small which gechi or the lucertole.

In cattivit as fundamental food, pu to go the mangime well for criceti, to integrate with fruit and alive food.

The fruit that pu to somministrare to our small friend the pear, the apple, luva, the banana, the tomato, larancia and the pompelmo. The first three yield are those that devout they adore, the citruses those that the piacciono less.
Although the pear eaten with the taste, goes given with moderation perch pu to cause diarrhoea. Pieces of fruit or food in kind are capacities in the "lair" for being consume to you in emergency. In nature, sure, it would be dangerous to eat to the open with cos many predators in turn; much best to carry the food in the hole of a tree.

The alive food, than does not have absolutely to lack, "composed" from tarme the flour and larve of the honey. Sar difficult to understand how many exactly has been some consumes to you, perch the bugs are much fast to exit from the mangiatoia and to bury themselves in the substrate, and you will notice how many of it have effectively eats to you when, cleaning up the substrate you find the esoscheletri cleaned up.

Once to the month they would go supplied of the vitaminici integrators.

As far as lacqua this pu to be supplied or in one ciotola, than for andr often cleaned up, or with the "feeding-bottle to sphere" to hang to the cage

The lodging

Warning: these animals will destroy any cage constructed in plastic or in wood, this lho learned to my expenses, when I had them puttinges in an Aquarius of those in plastic and the morning to their place I have only found a small hole in an angle.

A terrario in glass with one good ventilation supplied from openings with metallic hairnet the optimal solution. The decorations would have to consist in tubes, cliffs and coppers.

In nature, these animaletti use grass mosses and licheni in order to construct a nest of globular shape between coppers in one cavit dalbero, between cliffs and occasionally in the roofs of the houses.

Personally I use of the casettine of wood for fornirgli a shelter, these in origin I had an only frontal hole, but practically endured the animaletti of it they have dug an other with the formidable teeth of which they are equips to you, in fact, also in nature their nests have a second escape for permettergli the escape in the case are attack to you from a predator (es. a snake). Some persons advice against to use the cassettine of wood and advise those in metal or plastic, devout sure easy to clean up and to disinfect. The wood withholds smells to it, and for that I prefer it poich these small devout animals are entrusted mainly to their olfatto one that to the other senses and creed who their house would have to always smell of their presence, to they does not import of having a cake and coolness scent.

This does not mean that we do not have to clean up the cage and the cassettina, but indeed we must often make it much devout, but without to use produced that lascino their odore therefore is from preferring produced that they evaporate quickly.

In lack of a cassette nest, during the day they will hide under stones and the others ornament.

As material for foderare the nest we can use of the pezzettini of paper to insert in the cage and that same they will carry and decide allinterno of their cassettina.

The paper goes very well also in order to cover the bottom of the terrario.


No breeding to signal
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Closely nocturnal, a species easy to hold but you will have to be a lot attention when the handled ones, in how much are much fast. They are of the expert, able climbers to scramble up on nearly whichever surface, enough only that it is a po rough.

In cattivit they are gregari animals, and they will often be looked at to sleep all with in the same one scatoletta. But attention not to increase of too much the number otherwise com succeeded me you will have of the devout males who kill themselves in order to buy up a wide piece of territory or one female in devout. In any case the number of the females dovr to be advanced to that one of the males.

The maximum number dindividui that I have held in one cage 13, without to observe no sign daggressivit.

My colony was exceptionally silent. Task not to have never you feel yourself them to emit a noise, but many other breeders assert that it has several tonalit of squittii and when alarmed it emits a fort I scream.

To raise

The reproduction catches up the peak in the spring months and summer, even if stretches to riprodursi during all larco dellanno. The puppys are in number of 4-6 for delivery, and weigh approximately 3, 5g the hard gestation approximately 6 weeks.


A copy in cattivit lived for 5 years and 9 months, even if this probably the raggiungibile maximum duration.