in the Pussi photo the beautifulst one moffetta of Livia

Common name: MOFFETTA
(English: skunk)
Scientific name: Mephitis mephitis
Family: Mustelidi (Mustelidae)
Order: Carnivores (Carnivorous)
Class: Mammals (Mammalia)


Where It lives : The moffetta in nature pu to meet itself from Canada they centers until Mexico of the North.

Physical Characteristics  
Weight : From 1200 to the 5300 g.
Total length : it varies from 57 and 80 cm, of which 17 - 30 cm are up to the tail.

The moffette they are easy recognizable from the color of the characteristic cape of this species. The black fur with a band white woman who begins like triangular figure on the advanced part of the head, is divided on the body running along the flanks in order then to rifondersi newly close to the base of the tail. An other thin band white woman leaves from the forehead until the nose. The width and the length of the bands vary based on the species. The bands to times are melted gi from the base of the tail. The common Moffetta, has the dimensions of a domestic cat, with one small head, small orecchie, of zampette short and one long and lanuginosa tail. The legs supplies of five fingers are from plantigrado, cio when the plant of the foot walks rests all. The claws are devout long on front legs in order to help it in digging. The various skull from that one of the other carnivores in how much possesses only a molar from every side of jaw and two from every side of the jaw. The advanced molars have one characteristic square figure.
Dental formula 3/3 1/1 3/3 of 1/2.

Moffetta a onnivoro, it eats practically all, comprised the bugs, the mammalian small, the fish, the crustaceans, the fruit, grass, buds, seeds etc. They change their second diet to of the climate and the disponibilit feeding.

The females are monoestrali, but occasionally they can have according to heat if the first unfruitful pregnancy. Laccoppiamento happens from the month of February until met March. The hard pregnancy from the 60 to the 77 days. The medium number of puppys for pregnancy of 5 or 6. To the birth, the blind, sorda and extremely unripe small moffetta. They come nurses to you from the mother for approximately a month, a month and means. Later on the small continuer to follow the own mother until a ET year learning recognizing the alimony of which nourishing itself.

Perhaps the moffetta it has the devout system of defense known the world, and cio the spray of smells. Usually they do not unload the ripugnante content of their glands at least that seriously they are not threatened.
Before using its deadly jet the skunk American it tries to intimorire lavversario inarcando the back and making bristle the tail, but if this did not have to be enough, the moffetta to emit from two situated glands nellano a liquid jet that it covers approximately 30 liquid centimeter vaporizzando for the successes to you 2 or 3 meters. The spray often cause nausea and bruciore to the nasal eyes and cavit the dellaggressore. The spray moreover used from the males in order to communicate with the opposite sex during the season dellaccoppiamento and in order to mark their territory.
The males in kind are poligami and solitary. The males and the females together remain only for the little days demands for laccoppiamento.
The moffette they are nocturnal, of day sleep in lairs dug in the land from which exit towards the twilight in order to feed itself. They prefer to use of the existing lairs dug from others or of cavit natural under the stocks or the roots of the trees. If necessary they use their long front claws in order to dig of one all.
He is the males is the females go in letargo from November until March. The females remain in their lair for all the duration dellinverno, while the males exit, usually during the warm devout periods in order to feed itself. Of usual in the same lair they pass linverno to six or seven females and the puppys relati ones to you. A male to times occupies one lair with the females, but usually he lives alone in the own one.

The moffetta it prefers the opened spaces with some tree, the pastures and the agricultural areas. They are not never found to devout of 3 Km from one water source. Moreover they find often in the suburbane zones because of the abundance of the constructions that supply they it necessary protection.

economic importance for the human beings

positi to you
The moffette, because of their diet, eliminates adorned to you constituted from roditori and bugs that cause the destruction of the harvests. In past, the skins the skunk American were used to the industry of the pellicce, hour this fur have lost value just perch questanimaletto are becoming always devout frequently an animal from company.
Denied to you
They are one of the primary tanks of the silvestre anger and therefore they can be many dangerous for the domestic animals and human beings.

The spray of one moffetta not causer cecit permanent, but its effect to vanish in little hours. Difficult one smells much to remove from the dressed ones, but the ammonia, the benzine and the tomato juice are the much effective in removing greater part of the odore before a good bath.


The moffetta domestic intelligent and spiritosa. You ask yourselves like pu one moffetta to be spiritosa? They are happy that me you have asked!
As an example, I can play on the pavement with mine moffetta. A game that appeals to a lot to us to run after to us for house to turn, once I chase it I and once it runs after me. I can see its small eyes to dance for the excitation and the felicit!
They can be also much stubborn, but sar much difficult one to get angry with they. If you say they, or you do not ask they to make something that they do not approve of, their small feet for earth will blink, watching to us with "imbronciato" look.
The personalit of moffetta domestic only regarding all the exotic animals that I have had the pleasure to know.

A false sideboard that they have all the anger. The frightful thing devout shocking and that some television reviews or programs support this wrong conviction.

Aspects lawyers

For being able to be acquired and imprisoned in cattivit, the moffetta it must be in possession of the documentation of birth in cattivit (cites).

Wished one moffetta?

The moffette domestic they are of exceptional the domestic animals. But you must become account that the moffette is not likea dog or a cat. They can be much destructive. Their dietetic requirement are fresh verdura, yield, entire frumento, latticini and one quantit limited of protein of high qualit; therefore its maintenance pu to become enough expensive. If one moffetta scared or not castrated pu to become much aggressive one. The moffetta pu NEVER not to be held continuously in cage! If you put in cage one moffetta, diverr aggressive and mordacious.
Therefore before acquiring it well pensateci.

Cos you have decided, prederete one moffetta. Assured to you that the moffetta it has the limpid and luminous eyes, a mantle often, I polish, and soft. Observed that strisce the white women are not yellow or introduce of the spots of this color "the yellow spot" marks them of a health problem. The moffetta it must be active and happy.

Laddestramento of the cucciolo

The important thing devout that you will have to make to create a strong tie with this domestic animal small. You must hold it with devout you for possible time. The moffetta it has acute olfatto, being to you neighbor imparer to know and to love your odore.
The puppys love to play. They enjoy when played with they. They love to blink their front small piedini, you fairies the same one with your hands, they will repeat the gesture and they will imitate to you consequently. They love to play with the giocattoli. To play to the fight for they a lot amusing, but ve I lively advice against if wished it a delicate and loving domestic animal and not an aggressive animal.


As I have pointed out before the better thing would be than not to never put in cage one moffetta. When they are small devout easy to hold them in a limited space. You will be able to the maximum to lock up them in one room or the bathroom. This you aiuter not to tread on it and to make so that the house devasti you, moreover helps in the process of training of the toletta. When you are attempts to the reading, or to watch the TV, you can hold it docchio, the lascerete to ramble for house, the lascerete to have approached total the greater part of the house.
The moffetta pu to fuoriuscire from devout the small of the pertugi. They are not sure of as they make, but they can be flattened completely and pass in nearly any pertugio. The moffetta it does not have territorial instincts, strongly have one curiosit and once outside of house, fiuteranno and will study to right and to it lacks easy getting lost a lot.
Once allesterno defenseless (the glands dellodore it have been removed from small) and easy to end preda of some dog or other animal. Therefore been a lot attention affinch not decoy and if just you want to let out it procurate to you a leash a lot along and a pettorina of that they are found purposely in commerce studied for the moffetta.
extremely rare that a moffetta lost it comes found again.
You will have to put the sure one for children to the cabinets that contain injurious substances and will have to put is gone from flowers outside from its capacity.


Assured to you that it has abundance of sweet water to disposition. The moffetta diet has need of one a lot nourishing. Freschi alimony, cooked verdure and raw very washed, yield, of the pollo cooked to the grill and of the turkey, never MANZO! The cheese pu to be given in small quantit, comprised the annealed one. Not dates NEVER to moffetta the food for cats, would kill to them.
There are some things that must know in order to feed it in healthy and corrected way:

1. Mangime for cats pu the injurious being to their health until making to die them.
2. The mangime for dogs alone not sufficient.
3. It has devout need of soccer of how much ce is some in the scatolette for dogs
4. It has need of an integrator of magnesium and taurine
5. The moffetta onnivora (it eats is the meat that the verdure).
6. Necessit also of solid alimony in order to maintain one good set of teeth.
The moffetta it stretches to become obese, therefore the food goes adequately rationed


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:  

The sgiandolatura and the castration

The moffette if castrated cannot be aggressive. The males would have to be castrate to you since small. Or at least before that their testicoli begin to develop themselves. Pu to happen the 3 months since to us. Moffette the females must be sghiandolate within the 4 months of ET. If they catch up integral the maturit sexual they can begin to bite and to be enough aggressive.


When the verified acquired ones that healthy, it is controlled that is in rule with the documentation and that has not never bitten nobody.
All the moffette have the worms, therefore as soon as acquired them fategli to make a visit from your veterinary whom you to prescribe also a good vermifugo.
Moffetta as dog and cat must be vaccinateed with a vaccine mixture (quadrivalente) and to have a callback vaccinates them every year
The nails controlled and if necessary supply to cut of the part in excess.


The moffette they are full of personalit and love, a various and only animal, Not sure a domestic animal for all. It only buys a moffetta after to you it are assured that it possesses the demanded documentation and that of it you have verified the good state of health and maintenance. As for all the exotic animals not to buy it single perch a your friend or qualcun other of it has one. In order to make it living it is necessary one tremendous quantit of time well, moneies love and patience.

it listens to the back of the moffetta 1