ORIGIN: United States Height: From 1,40 m to 1,52 m
CAPE: Bay, sauro burnt, sauro and morello.
Character: E' a kind animal, that it loves own independence, but also to collaborate with the active and curious man demonstrating itself.
Physicist: It has wide head and short with eyes it lives to us and attention. The incollatura massiccia and muscolosa like kidneys and the rump. E', totally, a solid and resistant horse, equipped of great physical force.


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Little breeds possess single common ancestors and the Morgan one of these. In fact its prototype Justin Morgan, that it takes the name from its second owner, stallone been born in 1973 in the Massachussets, equipped of such genetic power that often found again the morphology, the character and the ransom in the descendants to such point to found one race. This fort stallone mor in 1821 in the Vermont, after to have changed various masters, and for they made jobs sfibranti, gaining numerous contests of shooting heavy, race of attacks or mounts them. Space was to try its origne; it seems came down from a Welsh Cob, famous the predominanza of names of Welsh families in the region where Justin Morgan lived and the aspect puts into effect them seems convalidare this hypothesis. The Morgan of our days, turns out improved and devout large regarding the original Justin Morgan, it comes frequently employed in all the attivit even if devout in the attack that not in the saddleback.


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