ORIGIN: Italy (Puglia, zone of Murge)
Height: From 1,48 m to 1,64 m.
CAPE: It is found with the cape morello, without particular signs. Pu to find also gray.
Character: Lively and much docile one.
Physicist: Head of medium length has one, with abundant criniera. The pronounced garrese and the worthy end of a strong incollatura. The little tilted shoulder. Wide dorsal line has one, long, wide, muscolosa and horizontal the rump. The thorax of medium development. The limbs are short and thin. The compact and solid hooves.


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The race of the Murgia (the Murgese horse) of rare beauty and ancient origin. The Puglia from millenia a earth great manufacturer of horses, is for quantit, is for qualit. In it they have been recovered devout the ancient Italian rupestri rappresentazioni of 20.000 years ago. Alexander Magno reached its better units than cavalry in earth of Puglia, a lot that "tarantini" have been subsequently calls the best squadrons to you to horse.
In Puglia Hannibal razziava the puledri for its cavalry numida and Valentiniano, incapable to tame otherwise the rebellion of those populations of knights here, it cut the head to anyone was been strange in possession of a horse. Always in Puglia in the XIII sec. Federico di Svevia, one of miliari stones of the western equestre culture, install its better breedings than horses, constructing to you also splendid castles between which he detaches the majestic Castel of the Mount and where the horses, beyond to the military use, came uses in the noble hunting with the falcon (Federico you di Svevia has even written a treaty on the art of the hunting with the falcon).
Between the 1400 and 1500 Veneta Republic, to the apex of the political and military power, install its devout prestigious breeding: The Cavallerizza of Puglia, between Monopolies and Alberobello, with devout of 300 fattrici. To the end of the ' 700, the Emperor of Austria acquist in Puglia, for the Spanish School of Vienna, celeberrimi the prototypes of the Lipizzani Conversano and Napolitano, and in the centuries succeeded to you, southern horses morelli was imports to you from Spain for insanguare theirs breeds. In 1863, the Piemontesi Officials, of forehead to an investigating committee, had to admit that the fight to southern brigandage had not succeeded because of the superiorit of the horses of the briganti regarding the cavalry sabauda.
In 1900 the horse Murgese, rigorously entire, perch in the pugliese tradition does not exist the castration, used state is like horse from saddleback, is like horse from gig and carrozza, taking advantage of the particular genetic predisposition to the attack, to reached it for the most diffuse one uses for transport of the agricultural products. Finally, thanks to solerte and the far-sighted initiative of the breeders of the Murgia of beginning century, with the aid of the Institute of Horse Increment of Foggia, from the 1920 proceeded to the recording of the subjects of murgese race, than today consistency of approximately 1500 riproduttori boasts one.
The variegata one, but continues, history of the horse in Puglia and in the Murgia in particular, a race has conserved until the days ours pure cavallina, pressoch undamaged from breakings in of other lines of blood (eventual rare insanguamenti is of all the insignificant ones being the dimensions of the race). The murgese horse to tutt' today a race pure and only cavallina in its kind for sum of PREROOM OF PORTAMENTO (only and sontuoso horse of reached rinascimentale descendancys until to the days ours), GREAT ELEGANCE (exhibits one rarest entire black livery, but one varying grey always devout rare), extreme DOCILITA' and COURAGE, EMERGENCY of foot and COMODITA' of employment, SOBRIETA' of maintenance and FACILITA' OF LEARNING, apt to quickly being applied for the training to the congenital devout attitudes to the race, that is the EQUITAZIONE OF CAMPAIGN, the LIGHT ATTACK and the DRESSAGE.


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