ORIGIN: Hungary
Height: Large Nonius devout - devout of 1,53 m. Small Nonius devout - less than 1,53 m
CAPE: Morello, bay, sauro burnt
Character: It has a sociable temperament and gradevole. It engages good volont in learning and constant in the job, energetic and volenteroso.
Physicist: Head has one fair and expressive, with eyes it lives to us. The strong incollatura and the shoulders are wide. The powerful back and the rounded off rump and massiccia. The feet are small, round and resistant.


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The race takes to the name from its prototype, omonimo the Nonius, that it made part of the scuderie of Mezohegyes and that was captured during the napoleoniche wars from the French troops. The performances of the Nonius were employed from the magiari breeders with giumente Arabic, Holstein and Lipizzane. These crossings gave life to subjects that were demonstrated endured valid in various attivit: as horse from saddleback or attack to carrozze and also the army of it made wide use. Later on they have been improved the lines and the performances of these subjects succeeding to obtain one aggraziata race.

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