Gallus gallus , Classification Class Birds, Galliformi order, Fasianidi family
Several dimensions to second of the race
Original geographic distribution of the East, diffusoin all the world


I domestic ours polli very probably derive from wild galliums us that they lived and they live in the lndocina and to Giava, Of they the rooster bankiva have shapes much similar to domestic ours polli. One still does not know with precision when the pollo it was tamed, but one presumes that this happened ago approximately 5000 years. Il pollo it was considered in the antichi times like an animal venerare or to sacrifice to of i. The breeding and the selection of the breeds were much cure you to the aim to obtain exemplary in a position to producing to a great egg number (today one hen pu to place in a year until three hundred eggs), or exemplary to express increase (in order to obtain meat), or exemplary of particular beauty. Between these last ones they are from remembering galliums from the long tail of the Japanese, which posseggono some pens of the tail that grow without falling at the moment of the dumb one, arriving cosi to incredible measures (also until 6 meters of length). Today with modern systems, the polli they come raises to you to hundred of migliaia, in conditions controlled artificially and nourished with appropriate diets that succeed to fatten them quickly. Il bankiva rooster alive currently in the forests of the Asian South-east, until to one height of approximately 1500 meters. Il male has a long tail of dark black color and the back and the several chest of colors, in which they predominate the red-tawny one. He has indented crest and red wattles. He possesses sturdy nails with which gratta the ground to the search of animaletti, seeds and leaves. I small are in a position to little abandoning the nest after the birth.  

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