Infectious Panleucopenia or infectious gastroenteritis

characterized from high explosive virulenza and mortalit the ways of infection they can be multiple L' incubation of the disease oscillates between the 2 and days. High mortalit the frequent one in the subjects under the six months, minor in adulti.Ad a febrile phase, 39,5-40 ago reply lowers mento of the same one until to values many bottoms, 36-35Dopo a debut accompanied from vomito and diarrhoea the animal remains depressed and abandoned on sterno in attitude of absolute prostrazione and inertia. opportune to remind to the owners of the animals that succeed to exceed the not alimentary disease too much prematurely the gattino in order not to make it to fall back in one gastroenterica affection devout grave.Il confidence veterinary sapr to suggest the opportune devout therapies. Fortunately it is had currently a vaccine specific that, if practiced to the animal when it has not still contracted the disease, one confers effective protection

Infectious Rinotracheite

It hits the young cats, it has an incubation of 2-4 days, passed variable until to 30 days or devout the signs clinicians are represent you from an increase of the temperature, to 39-40 that has a fluctuating course; they are had starnuti you attend, sometimes purulent nasal and ocular mucus. The lack of appetite and the state of prostrazione prolonged several days. Sometimes ulcerosa glossitis appears on the tip of the language one. Serious bronchopulmonary complicanze and dead women can be had, even if with smaller frequency of how much chronic rhinitis happens for the panleucopenia.Spesso in the recovered animal remains one that hard all the life. possible one preventive vaccinazione.

The anger

one infectious and contagious disease also for the man. The transmission happens through the bite or it salted it infects. The difficultly contagiato cat. available a vaccine specific.