You adorned to you are local undesired and harmful hosts who live to expenses of the organism and often provoke serious alterations generate them and. Their action pu to be toxic for breaking in in circle of injurious substances, spogliatrice for removal of useful substances to the organism and mechanics with local lesions. Frequently noticeable the devout symptoms are: vomito, diarrhoea, loss of weight of the animal, talora nervous phenomena with following to the resorption of toxic substances. Fortunately the parasatisms, also being much diffuse, offer good possibilit therapeutic and can easily be controlled if diagnosed precocemente.Gli innumerevoli types of you adorned to you that they infest the animals are subdivided in two great categories: round worms and worms plates. Between the round ones we remember the ascarids, you adorned to you with long, smooth body, lengthened, with and estremit appuntite. They place eggs in the intestine of the animal that hesitates them to the outside with made them. The eggs, much resistant, permangono to along in the atmosphere esterno.Le eggs can penetrate for via digesting in the intestine of the cat that fed of coming from alimony from lands becomes infested itself to you or leccato the parts that have come to contact with the atmosphere I become infected myself.

Scabies or rogna

due to a parasite that localizes itself in the thickness of the cute and provokes intense prurito.Il a hair fades and dirada, on the skin notices small inflamed areas at first, crusts diffuse.Il cat, then grattando, pu to provoke itself of the wounds. If the parasatisms neglected deperimento of animale.La the therapy is diffused on all i1 body provoking consists in an taken care of detersione of the crusts with antiseptic solutions, continuations from applications of appropriate antiparasitic substances. opportune to resort to rigorous hygienic norms it is in the comparisons of the cat (reciprocation continuous of the material on which it sleeps, disinfection of baskets from travel, trays, combs etc.) it is of the persons (to prevent to the children to touch it, not to leave to go up it on divani, beds or seats, to wash the hands after to have touched it). The scabies pu to be transmitted to the man and, provoking lesions also limited, must adequately be prevented.


In Italy devout the common ones are dermatomicosi the cutaneous shapes or. Much species of pathogenic fungi of is responsible. The lesions are represented from loss of hair, for the devout ones to specks, cute inflamed and scagliosa.L ' animal often mycosis tries grattare the part colpita.Le can be transmitted to the man; in manipulating the hit animals go adopted scrupulous norms igieniche.La diagnosis of these morbose shapes take advantage of laboratory surveyings accurate.La therapy are local are general allow to obtain good turn out to you; naturally necessary to avoid of having excessive confidenza with the animals also during the period of treatment.

the tenie

The tenie of the cat are of varied type: Taenia taeniaeformis, . Il Diphilidium caninum, . La Taenia pisiformis, . La Taenia idatigena. All need of an intermediate host on which they complete some is made of their maturation: devout the common ones are pulci and the roditori. In tenie presence the cat pu to accuse disturbs of varied kind, visceral pains, anorexia, diarrhoea, loss of hair. With the observation of I made are evidenced sometimes proglottidi of tenie that move to the outside of esse.La signalling from part of the owner to
veterinary of the sufficient phenomenon to clear the diagnostic problem.

Parasitic Otite

provoked from an acarus that it is localized in orecchio.Contrariamente to the not transmissible scabies to the uomo.I symptoms they are represents you from pruritus and cerumen appearance nerastro or crusts to the inside of the pavilion auricolare.Talora can be noticed lesions to the external posterior part of the ear; they are due to the continuous grattamento put into effect with legs posteriori.La therapy consist at first in the removal of the cerumen, subsequently in the application of substances acaricide. The pulizia preliminary basic for the resolution of the treatment: lukewarm oil of olive is introduced, massaggia leggermente the ear and dries up the oil outlaw with a cotton flock or with a rod from the covered tips of cotone.Si it repeats the operation before every application of the doctor mento.