ORIGIN: Germany (Oldenburg, Frisia)
Height: From 1,62 m to 1,72 m
CAPE: All the determined capes are found and devout the common ones are the morello, the sauro burnt and the bay.
Character: E' a horse that the maturit catches up prematurely, much sensitive and brave one.
Physicist: It exceeds the horses in as far as largeness and gravity. The head turns out sgraziata rather with a rectilinear profile. The rather stocky incollatura and massiccia. The wide chest. The sturdy posterior train and very designed.


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Its breeding has beginning in XVII the century, intercrossing the breeds of greater pregio. The prototypes would have to be the Frisians who, with the time, have been intercross with the race Andalusian, Arab, Hannover, Berber, Normanna, Anglo-Normanna, English Purosangue, Cleveland to you Bay and also Neapolitan. The result of this taken care of job was an optimal horse of attack. After the First World war the Oldenburg soffr, like all the equine others breeds, for the advent of the automobile. Therefore from then utilizz above all for the cavalry, the light load and agricultural jobs. Later on risent also of the advent of it blots some agricultural, than they replaced it also in the job in the fields. Then the breeders inserted in the lines of blood of the Purosangue and the Anglo-Normanno and, even if in smaller measure, Hannover. To the day today he comes used also in the race to the trot.

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