HEIGHT: 152-163 cm

CAPE: E' of two types: Overo (cape pezzato with nearly never present sprays of white man on the back) or Tobiano (cape white man with wide spots of ignited colors. The legs are in kind white women and white man specks are found also on the back and the rump).


HISTORY: The name paint derives from the Spanish pintado cio painting. There are two associations for the pezzati horses. The Paint Horse Society of America holds a wide registry for horses, pony and horses in miniatura. The accesses are subdivided in in types of race, above all of Quarter Horse: type from hunting, derived from the English Purosangue; for a long time free type, derived from the Arab or the Morgan; type from saddleback, with blood American from Saddleback, Hackney or Tennesse Walking Horse. Similar classifications exist also for the pony. The American Paint Horse Association records horses with descendent lines of blood from English Purosangue, Quarter Horse and Paint. The criteria for the acceptance regard are the blood lines that the color. In the past century the Sioux and the Crow estimated the Paint based on the color and to the robustness. The Paint records to you today in stud book they are in kind very made, even if not of fixed type.


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ATTITUDES: To seonda of the blood line they can be employs to you for mounts western, mounts English, walks and sometimes for the jump obstacles.

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