ORIGIN: United States
Height: Poich palomino not just one race, rather a cape, the variable height. The cape palomino pu to be attributed to the small pony or the heavy horses from shooting. The Association American of the palomino, that it tries of imporlo like race, recognizes the horses with height comprised between 1,42 m and 1,53 m.
CAPE: It has a golden hair, devout very rarely tawny or yellow. Signs white men to outside of the head or on the limbs are not found. The horsehairs are white men and have to the maximum 15% of dark hairs.
Character: The variable character. In the susceptible case of the pony mostrer, lively and rather stubborn, while in the case of the horses from shooting sar mansueto and affectionate.
Physicist: The type devout diffused in the United States that one of an optimal horse from saddleback of qualit of one race recognized American, like the Quarter Horse. In Great Britain, instead, the palomino is attempted in pony sturdy adapted the girl, produced from the crossing between Arabi and Welsh Mountain. Bench is raised from many years, nearly forty, not always the color exits palomino and therefore pu not to consider the palomino like race. It achieves some that practically impossible to delineate of the features.


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The breeders disperatamente try to make to become the Palomino one true and own race, but poich never sure of the resolution and therefore not to obtain a horse of this cape, this not possible selection. Perhaps the breeders Americans continue to practice the based selection are on the qualit are on the color, and will succeed in to create one new race whose fascinating aspect would assure it one popolarit universal. Its place of origin sure the America, introduces the characteristic cape "palomino" has docile and calm temperament, its Height approximately mt. hung 1,55, approximately kg. 550. Marcature are admitted white women single on the snout and on the limbs in the part it bases them. The dark criniera and tail must be devout clear or devout respect the color of the cape. The small head with nocciola small orecchie and eyes color, the neck very conformed, the straight back-lumbar line, the tail folta and the limbs are muscolosi. E' exclusively a horse from saddleback, balanced and volenteroso.

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