The parasite devout diffused of the birds from cage the red acarus that attacks the flown ones them of night, procurando they, with its pungenti and painful bites, an unrestrainable pruritus. The canaries, infest you from these adorned to you, cannot devout sleep, consequently their vital rhythm come deeply altered, become thin, nutrono little and fall themselves in a deep state of prostrazione that often them door to the dead women. An other parasite the so-called acarus pollino, than nutre of pens and detritus of the epidermide. Its presence revealed from the restlessness of the canaries that frugano continuously with the spout between piume.L' the acarus of the pen a microscopical parasite that penetrates in the calamus of the pen destroying it, lives indisturbato leans to the flown ones them, during all the year, placing the eggs on the piume and the pens. Devout the effective remedies are the pesticides under powder shape or of liquid to then cospargere or to spray on the animals, having cure to transfer them in a cage pulita.La cage absolutely infested must be scrupulous subordinate to pulizia by means of washing of all its leaves with oil.

Respiratory acariasis

Determined parasitic disease from a very small acarus that hides itself in the mucosae of the throat. The hit subjects denounce laborious and hissing, insufficient respiration vivacit and deperimento. Be a matter itself of contagious affection, the sick ones go isolate to you and cure to you with smoke-producing specific insecticides and aerosol arranges to you with somministrazione of antibiotics.

Acariasis of legs

Disease that often plagues the flown ones them because of the insufficient one pulizia of the cage; originated from an acarus parasite. The manifest disease on the skin the fingers, with a hardening of the epidermic woven one and ollowing desquamazione.Viene cured with salve applications appropriate acaricide; moreover necessary to carry out disinfestazioni of cages and accessories.


Parasitic disease due to a saprofita fungus that hides itself in seeds and the grown mouldy granaglie, of which all can be diffusing also the animals from courtyard in genere.I hit canaries has catarrh to the bronchi and the trachea, gasping breath, febrile state, lack of appetite, silks and finally diarroica evacuation of color yellow verdastro. The hit subjects are nearly always assign to you to die.

Favosa honeycomb or tigna

The fungus parasite that provokes this disease usually localizes around the orecchie, to the eyelids and the spout, forming many whitish plates. The evil propaga therefore to the skin covered of piume, than forgiveness their lucentezza, becomes sand banks and friabili and finally they fall apart the denudata skin cos and covered of crusts a characteristic odore of muffa.Se emanates cures you the canaries timely recovers in short time, but given remarkable contagiosit of the evil the hit subjects they go isolates to you at the same time supplying to one most accurate disinfection of premises, fallen cages, accessories and to the cremation of the piume.


It dictates also cremosa stomatitis, a disease due to a fungus parasite that recovers itself in the moldy granaglie. It is localized on the mucosae of the cavitorale and the esophagus, than they are covered of white man-yellowish plates. The hit subjects forgiveness vivacit eat little and have difficolt of swallowing, often shake disordinatamente the head emitting of the mucus vischioso.La disease not died them if it is taken part to its to rebel; the cure is based on the removal of the plates.


The usual stipsi mind caused from bruschi changes of feeding, climate or from a too much rich diet of fat people I canaries introduces difficolt of evacuation, insufficient excrements and vischiosi, they have insufficient vivacit they eat little and they stretch to sleep also of day. to subject the subjects for some day to a dietetic treatment made up of fresh verdure, grattugiate carrots and one well fettina of every apple three or
four days.


The temporary or chronic raucousness pu to be; that chronic difficultly curable one. The canaries affections from raucousness go isolate to you in an atmosphere to uniform temperature and penumbra so that they can rest and above all not to sing. Giova to make drink camomile dolcificata with honey.