ORIGIN: Carabi, Portorico and South Equatorial America
Height: From 1,40 m to 1,43 m.
CAPE: One finds in all the variet with every shading.
Character: E' a subject much docile one, allegro, lively and of good volont.
Physicist: Head has one you Arabic type, with small and careful orecchie and large and lively eyes. The incollatura Not particularly long and is leaned on a log short, but rather sturdy. Kidneys and rump are powerful. The limbs are hard and of light skeleton with stinchi short. The feet are very conform to you and hard. E' a small vigorous horse.


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It comes down from the horses imports to you in America from the Spanish in the sixteenth century, as a result of the crossings and to the change of atmosphere the race s modific, is diffused then in For. The characteristics of the Fine Paso are three typical sailing points of all natural, the lateral ones to four struck: "paso until" enough slow, "paso short" the devout ones adapted to long distances, "paso wide" devout the fast one. These sailing points would be eredit of the first Spanish horses capacities from the conquistadores in XVI the century. From those times it has endured to read modifications in the structure, devout due that other to the new environmental conditions them which had to accustom, but it has maintained its characteristics intact. Generally raised E' in Colombia, For and in the Rico Port, with some light difference, and goes conforming to the Paso Fine American, also perch it also comes raised in the United States.

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.