the petauro in the photo of petaurina


Class : Mammals
Sottoclasse : Marsupiali
order : Diprotodontia
sottordine : Phalangerida
family : Petaurdae
Kind: Petaurus
Species : p. breviceps

We begin endured with saying that petauro of the sugar a not roditore, but a marsupiale small that similar to one scoiattolo flying. They have a thin membrane of stiff skin between the front limbs and the posterior ones that allow it "to glide down" in the air when they jump from alberoad an other. They can catch up the 50 meters in a single leap! In Nature they live approximately four years, but with cures adapted in cattivit they can living also ten - fifteen years. A petauro of the adult sugar it has a body comprised between the 10 and i12 cm devout the tail of approximately the same length. The name of petauri of the sugar the drift from their passion for the cake linfa of one particular variet of eucalyptus

The petauri of the sugar they are social animals, living in small familiar groups from 8-15.

Here perch essential possession at least two petauri, or to have many hours to pass with to the single animal, perch if the petauro it does not have attentions pu also to die enough of solitudine

The petauri the human beings never recognize that them attend to from their odore, becoming attached themselves a lot to theirs "landladies" trying it and not losing it of sight.

An other thing that must hold very present that questanimaletto it has uninfinit of vocalizes that it must learn to interpret and equally to make he, creating with its human companion a practically perfect understanding.


You do not force yours petauro to exit when outside c still the solar light, poich be a matter of a nocturnal animal its eyes is much delicate.

You close always the tablet of the vater when the petauro outside from the cage. Too many gi are died some drown to you in the WC.

Not left the petauro free and without control.

Not tried to punish it with the force, you will obtain leffetto contrary. Ruining in order always lintesa that after many sacrifices you were resolutions to establish.

Information generate them

The kind Petaurus Breviceps, also known like petauro of the honey or the sugar, original of New Guinea and dellAustralia. To a first look they can be similar a scoiattolo flying but they are many devout neighbors to an opossum. They are marsupiali, this wants to say that the female has a bag where the small are developed after the birth. They are moreover nocturnal and they will be active in the hours centers them of the night.

While inexact to call the petauri scoiattoli flying poich they are really of the marsupiali reasonable and exact to call them scoiattoli flying marsupiali. One what important to know for who wanted one of these animals that are arboreal and stretch with the their nails, most sharp, to scramble up on any comprised things our manie and the arms, leaving deep hurt that people for road scambier for those made from a cat to which we have broken the boxes them.

To the touch their fur motivatings force and setosa. They are generally grays with a black band that leave from the nose and arrives until the base of the tail. The grey tail folta and, except last 2 3 cm that is of black color. The flanks are white men or cream. Along sides of the body the membrane is found patagio and cio that allows it to fly.

The prensile tail and serves is in order to grab hold of to the coppers that like rudder during the "flight" this comes also used in order to transport the material for foderare their nest. They have five fingers on every foot, all with formidable claws except "lalluce".

Diet: The petauri they are fed for 75% of fruit and 25% of verdure.

Present keeps itself who the pregnant females will have need of many proteins that they will gain from the food for cats that we could fornirgli in order to integrate the rich diet of vegetables.

An other protein source that would be better did not lack in the diet all petauri one or two tarme the flour to the day.

As far as the fruit all the types go well on condition that the types are often alternated several.

Alimony to avoid

Never not somministrate sugar, dolcificanti, chocolate, candita yields, yields dehydrated (than oltretutto it contains conserving dangerous for the petauri).

The fruit and seed mixtures sand bank (walnuts, peanuts, nocciole, etc.) They are not a food adapted to the petauri; too many fat people contain too much and little soccer, and with the time they cause obesit and serious problems to the skeleton. These alimony can if not to be uses you like bocconcini occasional; avoided for the fruit salata and toasted sand bank.

Not used fruit sciroppata in jar if sweetened, and however also that one sweetened does not misuse you of it perch from the clearly inferior nourishing point of view to that fresh one.

Crocchette for dogs and the cats they are too much rich of fat people, vitamin To and D, and in quantit excessive they can damage the health of the petauro. Sporadically pu however to offer one crocchetta of the type "light" (lean) of the Marches of qualit advanced.


The petauri of the sugar they live in the forests of eucalyptus and wooded lands of the adjacent islands to Australia, allIndonesia and to New Guinea. They have been introduced in Tasmania.


No breeding to signal
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Distinction of the seies

The scroto it is found in the low part delladdome, front cloacale allapertura. In the young subjects lacking in hairs, while nelladulto completely covered of fur, the dimensions of a pea. In the female to dellombelico level longitudinal unapertura, the marsupio is found, than absent in the male.

The adult male pu to be distinguished without difficolt from the female for the presence of a zone lacking in hairs, to shape of rumble, localized on the sommit of the head, that he appears after the 7 months of ET. Draft of one odorosa gland, used in order to mark to the territory and also the female. The male introduces also of the odorose glands on the chest, and is males who females have odorose glands on the perianal region (the anali bags), always used in order to mark the territory. The anali bags rather are developed and in the females they can be exchanged for testicoli, for the position to the base of the tail, carrying to one wrong identification of the sex

Reproduction: In cattivit news of many succesi is had, small 1 3 are born after approximately 16 days from the conception and become self-sufficient to approximately 4 months of