The official definition of pony that one of a horse of inferior stature to 14,2 palms (147 cm: every palm is equivalent to 4 inches and 10,16 cm). However, the height the only criterion in order not to define a pony. Many have other characteristics that distinguish them from their large devout relatives. E' possible to make to couple pony a much small, like a Shetland, with a horse much large one, like a Shire, perch both is members of the Equus species caballus. But the greater part of the pony is not horses in miniatura. There are some exceptions, like the Pony of the Caspio and Falabella , that they have fattezze from horses of greater ransom.

The experts of horses are usual to say "clever as a pony". In fact, the pony they seem to have large capacit of survival and demonstrate to an intelligence much reactive.

The ancient members of the equine race would be re-enter all to you in the official definition of "pony" under 14,2 palms. All the horses are themselves develop to you from pony, increasing considerable to the ransom thanks to selective crossings and to devout favorable environmental conditions them. Consequently, the breeds of pony they are much devout similar to those of the horses to the equine ones primiti to you. Many breeds odierne, like Exmoor , the Pony Mongolo is still similar in meaningful way the antichi types.


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The immense range of the pony, from the very small, fragile sturdy Falabella to, the massive, muscoloso Fjord, the living test that the pony they have been used to along for many scopes. While the Falabella potr never not to be other that an onlooker giocattolo, the Fjord and many other sturdy breeds aboriginal ones have been important for the economy: in order to work the fields, to haul the wagons and to carry in rump loaded and persons. However, the question for the pony from job is reduced, while that one of pony grows from saddleback for boys. They are developed to continuous jet breeds lives to us and easy to train, created intercrossing old, the solid ones pony with English Arabi and devout Purosangue of reduced ransom.

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