Procyon lotor , Mammalian Classification Class,   order Carnivorous, Procionidi family

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Dimensions Long 60 cm approximately, with tail of 15-25 cm

Geographic distribution North America

Orsetto lavatore perhaps the famous mammal devout in America: diffused from the Panama hat to Canada. animal of sturdy ransom with folta fur, the whose color on the back gray - nerastro not uniform; on the tail they are designs to you to black rings brown and. In spite of the air impacciata in realt optimal runner beyond that swimmer and climber. He has mostly nocturnal customs and he attends of preference the great forests, in prossimit of lagos or rivers. He lives gregario and nutre of the devout alimony he varies himself to you. On the snout the dark hair designs one characteristic mask that d an amusing air, the eyes are near between they and the tondeggianti orecchie. A curious aspect that demonstrates in cattivit that one to wash the food in the water or of sfregarlo on the grass before eating it, using the front limbs like small hands; it seems that in libert it does not have this habit. It lives mostly on the trees but, to the occurrence, it knows to hide themselves and to disappear underground. When to hunting it knows to stretch ambushes and to wait for with patience the preda to the passage. The food not for a large problem for he: inasmuch as it eats of all, from the animals to the vegetables. After a gestation of sixty or seventy days the female give birth from four to eight small that are born blind and inept. In cold the devout regions the orsetto lavatore it has a winter period of letargo, during which it consumes the accumulated fat person previously. The orsetto lavatore subdivided in 25 subspecies. diffused, for also one similar species: the raccoon granchiaiolo (P. cancrivorus) that it lives in South America.


it listens to the back of the raccoon


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