Serious infectious disease, filtrabile due to a virus, that it hits the parrots above all, but found also in others flown them from cage and courtyard, in the rats and other mammals between which rabbits, bovines and ovines, dogs and cats, monkeys, etc. it moreover transmissible alluomo, that lha rendered a lot feared passed species in allorch the antibiotic drugs still did not exist. It exists still dellincertezza on the fact if devonsi to consider lornito and the psittacosi two various evils or two different aspects pathological single dune entit. Lautopsia demonstration does not supply one with regard to. With experiments of laboratory on animals guinea-pig pu to only find some difference second pathogenic nellazione to of the system dinoculazione. In practical the responsible agents dellornito and of the psittacosi they are extremely near; draft of virus still little known is called to you meyagawanella ornithosis and meyagawanella psittaci. Equal Linfezione from they produced. According to it deliberation of the commission kept to Stockholm in 1938, this disease and an infection generalized delluomo and of the psittacidi determined from a psittacosi-linfogranulomastosi organism of the group. In practical with the ornito term of linfezione is indicated that it hits flown them various from the psittacidi, while the psittacosi linfezione of the parrots. Like saying, the transmissible evil alluomo and on purpose goes noticed that generally lornito cause in the human species it disturbs less serious that not the psittacosi, cio in practical devout dangerous for a man to be contagiato from a parrot whom they do not give whichever other species of bird or mammal. Of fact above all in the parrots that such badly pu to manifest itself; when on the principle of years thirty it was rendered famous that such birds of are affections, a general tendency was had to avoid breeders of the psittacidi, of which in many Countries it was forbidden to limportazione of the wild subjects us. Later on, with the discovery of the fact that the evil pu to introduce itself also in the other feathered ones and being be assessed that it does not threaten the subjects been born in cattivit, while for those coming from dallestero the regular periods of quarantine turned out sufficient nurse dellimportazione, the placarono fears and the parrots they continued to being demands which flown ornaments them them. In effects the danger of the psittacosi nearly nonexistent for the small parrots been born in cattivit and for those acquires to you near a conscientious importer.
Lornitosi-psittacosi an evil that pu to remain hidden (in such case rises the danger of the bearers hidden) or to develop itself in sporadic or devout or less epidemic shape. The contagio for devout the direct one, above all through the respiratory ways and lapparato digesting. They constitute vehicle of contagio the excrements, drains it eyeglasses and nasals, nonch the various organs and the blood of the sick ones. The strapazzi consequent to along travel, the excessive thermal lowerings, the badly held and overcrowded cages, a poor alimentary regimen, are all causes that favor manifesting itself of the latent disease gi. The young subjects, until the Eight months of ET, turn out in kind devout the sensitive ones to the contagio.
Manifest Lornitosi of norm with mostly nervous symptomatology; after unincubazione that varies in kind from the three days to the two weeks, the sick ones appear sonnolenti, with lack of appetite, they introduce disturbs to dellequilibrio and preceded diarroica evacuation of intense norm from silks. The psittacosi manifest for the devout ones in acute shape or subacuta. In the first case the symptoms are: lack of appetite, high temperature devout of the normal school, ruffled piumaggio, silks, diarrhoea, sleepiness, weakness with impossibilit of sostare on the posatoio, brividi, I drain nasal and often also ocular of sieromucosa consistency and, finally, vomito, convulsions and paralysis that preludono to the dead women sopravveniente

in the turn dune week or also, less devout very rarely after fifteen or so days. In the shape subacuta to times not there are signs dinici.oppure are noticed disturbs respiratory: gasping breath, cough, starnuti and I drain nasal and eyeglass.

If uninfezione of ornitosi-psittacosi is suspected it must resort endured to a specialistic laboratory for a diagnosis watertight experiences them To the laboratory verr sended a enclosed deceased subject in a closed plastic bag; for precaution the corpse of the feathered one, before being closed in the bag, goes dipped in one solution of lisolo to 5%. It does not convene to cure the sick subjects perch also in guarigione case breeders would give ricetto to bearers of the evil. Better sopprimere sick and cremarne the empty ones, supplying at the same time to one total most accurate disinfection of premises, cages and accessories. Superfluous to say that given the trasmissibilit of the evil alluomo, it must use the maximum caution, above all in handling feathered the dead ones. Leventuale cures of subjects of particular value is based on the somministrazione of aureomycin or terramicina. Bonds turn out to you have been obtained with the following treatment: for the first twelve days of cure intramuscular injections of oleosa terramicina in the dose (for uccelletti of the ransom of the pappagallini it undulates to you; for great devout subjects to increase in proportion) of mg 12,50 to the d once; then, until the thirtieth day of cure, somministrazione of terramicina in powder in the dose of mg 10 miscelati to every etto of food. All the cure to have accompanied from well balanced and rich unalimentazione of vitamins.

Much best to try to prevent linsorgenza of the evil with laccorta conduction delbreeders and being supplied to put in quarantine the subjects of new purchase or those veterans from the hards work dun travel. Someone advise which good estimate against linsorgenza of the evil the somministrazione of seeds davena decorticates to you impregnates you of tetracicina. Of the all sconsigliabile the vaccinazione, than pu to create subjects bearers of the evil.  

Luomo pu to contract this evil in mortal shape them; it must in order to add that with luso of antibiotics it it does not have devout lestrema gravit dune turns. Statistics inform to us that in the United States dAmerica where amatoriale breeders of the parrots and the birds in the most diffuse kind devout mortal cases them of this evil in the last years have not been had, while in lustro previous the years the sixty cases of death regarding those of infection were turn out to you inferior all 9%. In practical the cases of mortal ornitosi-psittacosi them for luomo they have gone themselves always devout reducing until disappearing of the all in the have using of Countries dun efficient sanitary service. Linfezione beyond that through the animals pu to happen also from man to man. It seems that the contagio he is devout frequent between the men between the thirty and cinquantanni and that the staff assigned to the breedings acquires with the time one risen of immunit. Lincubazione of the evil nelluomo hard one or two weeks and pu to pass inavvertita; the manifest evil, allimprovviso or progressively, with the following symptoms: nervous fever, phenomena, brividi and general malaise, insomnia, photophobia, cefalea. The evil pu to remain in these limits or to aggravate itself with the highest fever, diarrhoea, nasal hemorrhage, constipation, and in serious the devout cases also bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, corticopleurite and delirium. Also for luomo the cure based on antibiotics, especially laureomicina and the terramicina, and in kind, like saying, crowned from happening. The in any case much long convalescenza; rarest the fallen back ones.