CAPE: Nearly all the entire colors: bay, sauro, devout very rarely morello and gray, exceptionally roano.
The most fine skin covered from short horsehairs and lucidi;frequenti marcature.

HEIGHT: 147-178 cm but the average around to i 163 cm

STANDARD OF RACE: The shoulders long and are very tilted with prominenti garresi, this combination concur a long, low and profitable step. The elegant head and without trace of carnosit in the ganascia is melted in along neck gracefully arch that it joins symmetricalally with the shoulders, the body typically along in its proportions and the quarters and the lombi must be sturdy in order to confer power to the gallop. The front limbs are thin, with long and muscolosi forearms, wide and flat joints, moreover the circumference of the stinco difficultly inferior to 20 cm.
The posterior legs long and are aggraziate, with the joints of garretti the a lot very formed for giving the propulsive principle pinta.

HISTORY The development of the English Purosangue traditionally attributed to the import of three stalloni orients them: Byerley Turk, Darley Arabian and Godolphin Arabian, arrive to you in England to the beginning of XVIII the century and consider you miglioratori of race. The fundamentalally exact attribution, but above all does not hold account of the existence in England of an ancient stock base of horses from race, pertaining to the real scuderie: famous the 50 real fattrici (fastest, selected on i 400 m and said Hobby). These, intercrossed with the stalloni import, gave to life to one advanced for velocit and held race to you. Enrico VIII, the first real patron of the race of the horses, fond to Hampton Court the Royal Paddocks, with coming from horses of blood Berber from Spain and Italy. These were intercross to you with the race from native race, than, in particular, it had received blood from the fast Galloway of northern England, ancestors of the Pony Fell and the Irish Hobby, progenitore of the Connemara. The successory ones of Enrico VIII maintained the interest for the breedings of horses from race and, with the Restoration of Carl II, in 1660, new impulse was given is to the race that to the breeding. It was in these circumstances that svilupp the English Purosangue.


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ATTITUDES: Given its burning velocit employed in the gallop race courses but pu to be employed in whichever discipline: jump, dressage, suit, endurance and mount western

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