HEIGHT: Its medium dimensions vary from 1,47 to 1,57 m of Height, but they can arrive also to 1,65 m.

Cape : This race pu to have the cape of whichever uniform color purch, cio sauro, bay, morello or gray, but the pezzati ones are not admitted and the horses with marcature white women cannot be record to you in the genealogico Book.

STANDARD OF RACE: Horses from the relatively short and massive body, particularly obvious musculature in the back and the rump, powerful posterior quarters, long and tilted shoulder, much solid hooves, but rather small feet.
The stinchi they are short and the garretti they are placed low and they have an elevated degree of bending.
The ginocchi they must be large, wide and plates and, as the other joints, would have to be hard without signs of carnosit.
Moreover the orecchie do not have too much to be long, the tail must be attacked rather low, the small snout and the head harmonious, but devout short and typically wide of that one of the English Purosangue.

HISTORY: First coloni of the New World the horses inherited that had been introduced from the Spanish conquerors. To that point the race was an amalgam of Horses Andalusians, Arabs and Berbers, than they had settled down in the Iberian peninsula during the long occupation Muslim. These horses constituted an enormous one upgrade them of departure and once it intercrosses to you with animals it imports to you from England placed the bases for the future characteristic structure of the American Quarter Horse. The first meaningful contingent of English horses reached in Virginia in 1611 and consisted giumente of seventeen stalloni and. These famous horses were the Running Horse that would have been the base of the English Purosangue, evoluto until the end of XVII the century. From this amalgam of blood of various origins emerged the Quarter Horse, a compact, sturdy, high horse approximately 152 cm, with massive and incredibly muscolosi quarters.


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ATTITUDES: Job in the small farms, to assemble the cattle, to transport the goodses and the cattle, to pull ahead carrozze, mounts special westerns, rodeo and above all of the race that carry out on the quarter of mile in which no horse devout to compete with they (from this characteristic drift also their name: Quarter Horse).

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