The frog from ventre the Original white man of Australia the frog from ventre the white man (caerulea Litoria) comes regularly raised in cattivit and sold like domestic animal.

Pu to catch up the length of 1 cm. with a bluff body and sturdy of green color clearly and from ventre the white man or color cream. Its large and prominenti eyes are placed leggermente on sides of the head.
The skin is introduced polishes and the zampette stocky they allow them to attack themselves to the glasses.

Their ideal diet comprises for the greater part crickets acquires to you commercially. Ofritegliene in abundance holding in good account their dimensions and also the temperature (they are devout assets in the summery months).


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:  

Every a lot with to the crickets given also flies and joined scarafaggi to they to mineral vitamins that you will find in the storees specializes to you.
If you have the hand the many firm frogs they will directly accept the food also from you.

This likeable frog must be placed in one large cage and very ventilated.
You predispose an atmosphere with coppers and leaves so that they can jump here and l and to scramble up nonch to find some place in order to hide; on the bottom you put a substrate made of corteccia of tree that inumidirete often in order to render the atmosphere humid to sufficienza.

Moreover one ciotola lowland with of the water dovr never not lacking.

These frogs have need of three or four hours of artificial light for which you will have to predispose a neon with a timer appropriate. As far as the temperature they find themselves well in our natural atmosphere.

Changed to the every water residual every day and rimuovete; in order to wash only used candeggina or a detergent apposito.Le frogs from ventre the white man are much calm, they only boast when they eat and endured after love to bathe itself in the water making large knows to you.
On purpose they are much likeable to watch while they eat for their strange ones and fast movements with the bocca.Se cured and nourished well in cattivit they can living until 15 years.
E' always better not to touch them if possible because of their chemical skin much delicate that also much sensitive one to the soap, the scents and other agents.

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.