order Testudines

sottordine Cryptodira

family Geoemydinae

Species Rhinoclemmys Pulcherrima



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Of all the dellamerica Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima mannas centers them, a family that it includes varied tipologie pulcherrima (the Latin word that sure means beautifulst) one of devout the beautiful ones, for this recently had an increase of its spread between the lovers of the turtles. Sure those original ones of Nicaragua and Costa Rica are beautiful the devout exemplary for the alive colors of the carapace. The Rhinoclemmys alive in the humid forests of southern Nicaragua and very adapted to living and to nourish itself in these tropical atmospheres. Pu to consider itself, the Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima mannas, a turtle of medium proportions with a dimension of approximately 24 cm its aspect characterized from a varied gradazione of colors of various intensit, dark and black particularly painted its carapace with ocelli and reticula with colors, red, yellow, green has a shape oval to cupola and not extension fairings, the piastrone yellow with a large dark spot to the center lacking in hinge but front it stretches to close, a lot that its aspect one via of means between one resling and one turtle to scato it. The musetto, the neck, the legs and the body anchessi are color you of green olive, with strisce red, yellow, dark brown or black, these alive colorations make of this subspecies devout the beautiful Latin dellAmerica turtle. Also for this species of devout turtle the male small of the female and characterized from one long and stocky tail devout.


The Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima devout mannas a turtle that other earthling, prefers those leaves of underbrush many humid neighbors to the course dacqua for which for breeders of these rectums them we must prepare a warm terrario 24-28 with a good degree of umidit, in order to obtain this can be used the tappetini heating to place under the plan, but these must only occupy a part of the terrario in way to give to the turtles warm devout areas or devout cold.


For a brace of turtles pu to be believed to a terrario of 100x40 with a substrate of torba and moss that we will hold humid nebulizzandolo to alternate days, in the substrate, of approximately 10 cm, we will embed one ciotola of 20x20 for a profondit of 4-6 cm, so that the edge is to thread of the land, in order supplying a point dabbeveraggio. Larredamento pu to be composed of roots and plants so as to to offer of the shelters to the animals. Necessary lamp UVA-B for the corrected development of our turtle and a point spot for the basking so as to to supply in the terrario a temperature gradient. As gi we have seen the Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima mannas a tropical animal that in nature does not go in letargo, for this reason adviced against to hold allesterno these rectums them if not exclusively in the summery warm months. External Nellalloggiamento we must make case that in the fencing there is shadow and sun and every day one rain made with of the irrigatori sar a lot appreciate from the turtles.


The Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima mannas rectums them onnivoro, but with one prevalence erbivora for this its diet sar to 80% vegetable and animal remaining. As vegetables we can give they: lattuga roman, tooth of lion, zucca, maize, carrot, tomato, melone, banana (occasionally), mango, pears, apples, grape, apricots, strawberries, berries in kind. The alimony animals can be: pollo, fish of river, lombrichi, these last ones are in kind the devout ones appreciate. Above all in phase of increase to add to soccer and vitamins in powder allalimentazione in constant way, pu to be useful in order to make to grow of the healthy and sturdy animals. Occasionally we can supply also foods in pellet of good qualit. Lalimentazione of the small dovr to be every day while in the adults to alternate days.

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