(salamandra yellow black)

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It belongs to the kind Salamandra , characterized to dall.avere the black body with striature and spots yellow-orange; the species, typically European comprises 12 subspecies, distinguibili between they based on the dimensions and to the livery

Habitat : typical l.ambiente in which they live characterized from elevated shadow and umidit to a quota comprised between the sea level and i1900, 2000 metri.Sono much territorial and in the course of their life little move from the place d.elezione. Stones or log single in the humid or rainy days exit from their shelters and cio under much.

REPRODUCTION : to the time of the connections the male dedication incessantly to the search of the females available, helped from its formidable one olfatto. L.accoppiamento happens with a true one and just I embrace between the two partner followed from the deposition of spermatofora (a containing bag the spermatozoa) that collected in the cloaca of the female, after that the brace separa.Sia l.accoppiamento is the gestation happens all.esterno dell.acqua and after a period d.incubazione all.interno of the mother, this os towards a mirror d.acqua where places the larve gi formed (until 50-60 larve) that once abandoned in water them will remain breathing with of external gills and only after that these riassorbite the small can exit from the pools

AVERAGE LIFE : the life of this simpati to us animaletti much long one and pu to arrive to 20-25 years.

In Cattivit : avr need of a terrario in which beyond to of the torba and varies elements decorated to you will cover l.intero moss substrate that it withholds l.umidit and we will always supply dell.acqua fresh in a container with of micro the holes that will always allow the torba to maintain itself humid.


No breeding to signal
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As feeding we could supply, or it eats to me that they can be found in the storees specializes to you, or of tarme of the flour and the reperibili camole of the honey in the storees of hunting and peach

Demanded species gives ANTONIO C. (VR)