Type. Vertebrati, Anflbi Class , Ordine.Urodeli , Family. Pletodontidi

Kind and species. Pseudotrtton ruber

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The salamandra red, Known also with the name of pseudotrito some, one of approximately 250 species that constitutes the family of the Pletodontidi. Draft of a strange amphibian urodelo that completely lacking in lungs and is breathed through the skin. This family, than devout the important one of the order, American has spread mostly: approximately 160 species is reperibili in the America of the North. In Europe an only kind of Pletodontidi is found, that one of the idromanti or geotritoni, that they live in the coves of the regions mediterranee.La salamandra red preprefers the humid places, between moss and the leaves dead women of the Underbrush. Although it is much numerous in its habitat much difficult one to see it, from the moment that only exits of night and escapes the sunlight. Most sensitive to disseccamento dies in little minuteren if it comes to find itself for case exposed to the sun. Its indeed curious riproduttivo system. The female places a row of a dozen of eggs that rolls up around to the body, therefore goes to the search of a small pond or a stream for deporvi brooded its. The fecund male the eggs without that I' happens connection. At the moment of schiusa the larve, or girini, they are similar to those of the tritoni and the salamandre European, with forelocks of external gills to sides of the head. When these gills catch up adult I' ET forgiveness, without however replacing them with polmoni.La the skin, that it has a particular structure, and the inside of the cavit boccale they concur the respiration with this most singular animal.


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Length dell.adulto 18 cm

The larve they live in the streams

In this species, the inferior jaw is not lowered, and the animal must raise the head in order to open the mouth