ORIGIN: United States
Height: From 1,50 m to 1,60 m.
CAPE: Generally it is found with cape morello, sauro burnt, bay, gray and of usual extension many signs white men.
Character: Much cake has a character, than associated to the extreme elegance, they render it a subject extremely fascinating.
Small and careful head from the rectilinear profile has one, with eyes lives and narici widths, small and alert orecchie to us. The arched incollatura renders the portamento of the elegant head. The shoulders are strong and the short body, very muscoloso. The wide thorax, the rump much elastic fort and. The limbs are hard. The pastorali and the nodelli are particularly noble and elastic. The hooves are round. The criniera and the tail are abundant. The sailing points are precise collections and, than they are associated to a beautiful portamento.


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The horse from Saddleback American derives from concoctions of blood of various breeds. We have, in fact, Purosangue, Morgan and Naragansett. It was created, like in the case of the Tennesse, for being employs to you from the coloni in the plantations. Currently one raises them for the fairs which two categories participate alone: the horses to three sailing points, that is step, trot and gallop; horses to five sailing points, secondadel they training degree. The five sailing points of the horse from Saddleback American are the step, the trot, the gallop, show gait and the rack. A this last sailing point to four times equal, in which the feet separately mark a time of arrest in the air, before leaning itself to earth. Rack a spectacular sailing point, that it allows to catch up one velocit equal to 60 kilometers the hour. As far as the show gait, pu to say that is one slowed down version of the rack.

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